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I'm a new flight attendant and blogger. I tend to write about my experiences with the airline industry, and aim to help others gain an inside look into flying.

Insecticide set off Smoke Detector

The regulations for some countries we fly to require we spray the cabin with an insecticide before we can land there. I was operating a flight to Cuba the other day, which is one of these countries. I’ve done this procedure countless times. I spray around the forward ground level exits, the forward lav, and […]

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How Airplanes are Made

If you’ve never toured an aircraft manufacturing facility, I highly recommend it. Until then, I found this short video on how the Airbus A350 is made. oh, and Merry Christmas!

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Lucy Flies to London

It’s been a very busy December! My airline’s new hire class just went online, and I spent a good chunk of the month instructing their service classes. I’ve also been providing refresher training to a number of returning employees. I’m working on a number of posts about my recent adventures, but that combined with training […]

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8 Converstations with Pax and Crew

Here are some weird, occasionally funny conversations I’ve┬áhad on the plane. A couple of these have taken place several times, but most of them are one-offs. What Language is that? French. Why is there French on the plane? This is a Canadian airline. We have to use both official languages. But we’re flying from [any […]

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Welcome to Freeport

Upon landing in Freeport we turned off the runway. As we entered the taxi way I noticed the passengers began murmuring things like “what’s going on?” and “is it raining?”. I looked out my window just in time to see us taxing past the firetrucks. It was instantly clear to me what had just happened. […]

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Food Poisoning: Sick in the Sky

Warning: In this post I talk about my food poisoning. It gets somewhat graphic.   It’s a 6 day pairing staying in various cities in Canada, Cuba, and Mexico. These kinds of pairings are very tiring and it’s pretty easy to get sick. I was staying in Edmonton when I first started feeling a little […]

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