An article was recently posted on The Telegraph about “things that annoy flight attendants”. The highlight of the article was based on a post I wrote in 2013 about pouring diet coke. The article quotes a few lines from my blog post and a video demonstration I did at the time.

However it takes my post out of context. It implies that I find it irritating when passengers order diet coke. It also implies I was interviewed for the article so I want to make this clear:

I was not contacted by The Telegraph, this is evident in that they refer to me as “she” in their article. They never asked my permission to use my content, and I’m annoyed by the context in which they used my material.

Here is my official stance on passengers ordering Diet Coke, not that anyone should actually care: I don’t care what you want to drink. I’ll pour it, and I wont have a second thought about it.

Okay? Please stop sending me emails about this.
Thank you, have a pleasant flight.


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  1. is this similar to how A&W rootbeer foams a lot when poured onto ice (or ice cream, making a rootbeer float)? Pour the beverage first, then put the ice in the glass. significantly less foam (although you’ll probably end up using more soda this way).

    • Very similar. In fact root beer is even worse for foam, and I suspect that’s why airlines don’t usually stock it. I once brought some root beer on the plane with me to make ice cream floats for the crew when we had a flight over Christmas, pouring the root beer at altitude it was pretty much 100% foam and it took forever to fall.

  2. Just give the customer the WHOLE can of Diet Coke and a cup with ice, napkins and choice of snack and move on; it’s not rocket science to figure out, if the truth be known, that MOST people would prefer the full can over a poured half can rather than bother asking for a second drink of their favorite soda pop. It might be a tad more in cost but dividends are paid out in time efficiency as well as customer goodwill because the customer will think of the airline as being less stingy. I mean after all, in cost per unit in volume, your gaining in customer relationship over being looked upon as over-pricing in tickets and fees then adding insult to injury, cheap and stingy when it comes to expected amenities.

    • I suggest you send your thoughts to the airline. As a flight attendant I only can work with what I’ve got on the plane, and if I gave everyone the can by default we would run out. Or just ask for the can. The flight attendant will be happy to give it to you.

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