Safety Procedures

Lately we’ve been working heavily on Safety Procedures. These are protocols in place that are designed to be used during normal operating conditions. These procedures include things like the pre-flight demo, how to open/close/arm/disarm the doors, and briefing passengers on how to use the emergency exits.

The chapter in our manual is a long one though! Probably the second longest of them all. In fact it’s another one of those “It could be a book of its own” kind of chapters. The good news is that a lot of the chapter is tied into the rest of the manual, and seeing as how we’ve covered so much already it’s almost like we are reviewing the other chapters.

Today we had drills on our safety demonstrations and emergency exit briefings. Last week we had drills for briefing special attention passengers (Such as unaccompanied minors), and tomorrow we have an exam on everything covered in this section. It’s a little nerve wracking, as this exam will be twice as long as any of the others. Still, I’m confident in my knowledge so I’m sure I’ll do fine. That being said I’ll be going back to studying as soon as I finish this post.

It’s amazing how much we need to memorize. I guess I’ve taken for granted how much information flight attendants need to know perfectly. We need to know every briefing, every speech, every demonstration, and every protocol without hesitation! For most announcements there are secondary signals that can be used in place of the announcement (Instead of “FAs be seated” they might flash the seatbelt sign off and on, for example). We have to know it all! And it’s once we have the exam we can’t just forget it. Each exam has questions from topics previously covered. And of course once we’re actually flying we’ll need to correctly answer test questions from our supervisors before being allowed to fly. That’s in the name of safety, and it’s completely understandable. After all, would you feel safe if the person in charge of your safety didn’t know their procedures?

We’ve more or less finished up on safety procedures now. We’ll have the exam tomorrow but besides that we’re moving onto Emergency Procedures. This week we’ll be covering everything we need to do during an emergency (other than fire, as that was a chapter of its own that we’ve already covered) as well we’ll be covering occupational first aid. We start it all off tomorrow by having our slide evacuation drills!

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