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I'm a new flight attendant and blogger. I tend to write about my experiences with the airline industry, and aim to help others gain an inside look into flying.

A Delay in YXE

Recently, I was on day 4 of a 5 day pairing. I was supposed to operate a flight from Saskatoon that had picked up some of its passengers in Regina and would continue to Puerto Vallarta, and then back to Saskatoon. On day 5, I would just deadhead home. Easy right? Nope! Because we got […]

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[Video] Pouring Diet Coke. Again.

Since I’ve been receiving so much attention lately for my video on how I pour diet coke, I decided on a flight yesterday that I would re-shoot that video! As an extra bonus, I’m actually appearing in it. So uh… hello!  

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Figuring out Crew Scheduling

My schedule changes often. That’s what you sign up for when you join this industry. In fact as I’m writing this post I’m on day 2 of 4 of reserve duty. I could be called to go anywhere at any moment. I recently had a pairing in the prairies that went a little sideways. It […]

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Insecticide set off Smoke Detector

The regulations for some countries we fly to require we spray the cabin with an insecticide before we can land there. I was operating a flight to Cuba the other day, which is one of these countries. I’ve done this procedure countless times. I spray around the forward ground level exits, the forward lav, and […]

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How Airplanes are Made

If you’ve never toured an aircraft manufacturing facility, I highly recommend it. Until then, I found this short video on how the Airbus A350 is made. oh, and Merry Christmas!

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8 Converstations with Pax and Crew

Here are some weird, occasionally funny conversations I’ve┬áhad on the plane. A couple of these have taken place several times, but most of them are one-offs. What Language is that? French. Why is there French on the plane? This is a Canadian airline. We have to use both official languages. But we’re flying from [any […]

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