American Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Process and Questions (2020)

aa flight attendant interview process

In a world full of a multitude of airlines, what does it take to get onto American Airlines, one of the top legacy carriers in the United States?

I can tell you, that it isn’t as easy as you think.

The process is long and tedious, and the competition to become a flight attendant is fierce.

How long does the American Airlines Assessment process take?

For some, this process could take a few months, others it could take years.

Most I have come into contact with it took, at least, a year to get through the entire process.

It really just depends on what they are looking for at the time, how many people they need to hire for that year, your background, etc.

It’s like any other job. You are competing with droves of people for only a select few positions.

Summary of the interview process:

  • Apply online: This will take about a week, to two weeks to receive the notification for the online questionnaire. You can apply online here
  • Online assessment: This will take a few weeks, usually to process, before they send you a link to do the video interview
  • Video interview: This portion, you will literally treat it as a normal interview, but there will be prompts, instead of an actual person to talk to on the other line. They will look through all of these interviews, and send you an invite to meet one-on-one. This can take anywhere from a few days, a few weeks, a few months.
  • One-on-one interview: They will fly you out for this. You will have a large group portion, a small group interview, and a one-on-one. They can let you go at any-time during this process.
  • CJO (Conditional Job offer): You will be offered the position, but it is conditional on you getting through the airlines specific training process

Timeframe example of an interview process

  • Application: 09/17
  • Online assessment: 09/24
  • Video interview: 10/08
  • Face to face invite: 10/28
  • One-on-one interview: 11/17
  • CJO: 12/09

Stages of the American Airline Assessment Process

Each stage of the application process is extremely important, but don’t be dismayed if it takes a long time for them to get back to you.

No news is honestly good news.

Take that as a good sign.

1) Online Application

aa careers website

  • Go to > Careers  > Flight Attendant, or directly here:
  • This page will give you an overview of what the process is going to be, I would highly suggest looking this page over
  • Click on: “receive emails by subscribing to jobs matching Flight Attendants when they are posted.”

Once you receive the email stating there are positions available, you want to apply as soon as possible!

Some airlines’ application process can end within hours, due to the amount of people that apply.

It will ask you generic things that you would be putting on your resume, how many years of customer service you have, references, if you’re a U.S. citizen, etc.

Remember to update your resume, you want to have anything that will put you ahead of another candidate.

2) Online Assessment

The online assessment is pretty self-explanatory, it is basically just asking you personality questions.

To see if you have the right temperament to be in a customer service position.

Takes about half-an-hour to fill out, if that.

3) Invitation for a Video Interview

This is something you should treat as a normal face-to-face interview.

Dress the part!

They will still be able to see your face and part of your attire.

Make sure you have good reception, that you are in a room that is presentable and professional.

For men, I would highly suggest a suit.

Women, I would also suggest a nice dress or a shirt with a blazer. Add a bright lip to give you some color.

I would highly suggest looking into places like Glassdoor, sometimes they will have interview questions there that are virtually the exact same as what they will be asking you.

This will give you the opportunity to practice at home, and get comfortable with talking to your computer/phone (I recommend your computer, it’s more stable).

The more practice you can get under your belt, the better.

You will look calm and collected.

4) Video interview

american airlines video interview

It’s a pre-recorded video interview. You don’t talk to anyone.

All you have to do is read the questions and record your answers.

When you sign on, they will give you a practice question, make sure you take the time to do this, it will help you get a feel for what is to come.

After this, you should only have around 30 seconds to answer each of the questions. You will only have one chance to record, so you need to give it all.

Truly treat it exactly like a real interview.

Look into the camera and smile!

Common questions:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why do you want to be a Flight Attendant?
    ⇒ People will say to not say you want to travel, but I know during my interview, that is exactly something I said, but make sure it has more depth than that. Explain why that is so important to you.
  • Why do you want to work for American Airlines?

There are usually around 10 questions you will have to answer.

Once the interview is over, you will submit your answers and it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for them to get back to you.

Like I said, no news is good news.

They will send you an email saying they are no longer interested if they don’t want you.

5) In-Person Interview

If you are lucky enough to get to this stage in the process, you will get an email asking you to fly out to Dallas, TX for an in-person interview.

The people at American Airlines will coordinate this with you, and give you all details you will need to show up to this interview on-time.

Once you get this set up, start preparing for:

  • A group activity
  • Presentations about the company
  •  A small group interview
  •  A one-on-one interview
  • If we have any questions (really take the time to ask about the job, you want as much information as possible going in)
  • Go through some typical paperwork, which could include a drug test that day.

Group Activity

The group activity is usually just an ice breaker, they want to see how well you work with others.

Take the time to truly talk, be on your best behavior.


If they ask for group leaders, or someone to write, make sure you take one of those positions. They want to see that you have leadership skills and are able to accomplish tasks on your own. 


  • Every small group needs to make a board that has one thing that’s interesting about each group member
  • The group then has to present this to the bigger group, they have to decide which one goes to who.
    ⇒ A quick team building game, to see if you can work well with others and take initiative
    ⇒ Smile
    ⇒ Be professional


This will be basic information on the company.

Pay attention, this will give you a good idea as to the culture of the company and what they want for the future.

Can you see yourself here?

Group Interview

They will start pulling people to do small group interviews.

This can be anywhere from 5-7 people, with two recruiters in the room.

Everyone will get a chair, and they will start asking the questions.

They will ask each of you the same questions, and maybe one random one at the end that will be different.

Answer honestly, but make sure you are putting yourself in a positive light.

They really want people who are going to take care of the customers and each other.

Example Questions:

  • Why do you want to work for American Airlines?
  • What will you do if you have to relocate?
  • What have you done previously, when you’ve had a difficult customer?
  • What does the AA uniform mean to you?

After you have completed this, they will take you back to the room you started in, talk some more about the company and what the job really entails. You can ask questions at this stage as well.

While this is taking place, they will start calling names, you don’t want to be one of the first ones called.

If they tell you they will keep your information on file, and give you a call back, you can just say that you didn’t get it.

If they want you, you will move on to the one-on-one interview.

One-on-One Interview

Once they do call your name, pray that they will lead you to another room.

You will sit down with another recruiter and go over a few more questions and basic information.

Most will then have you read a letter, which will say you have been offered the position (CJO).

You will get more information on when they are thinking about your training start, and you will be directed to:

After all that is completed, you will be sent on your way back home.

They will send out an email in the next few days, to a few weeks, giving you all-the-information, you need before showing up to training.

Make sure you study the information they give you!

Most will test you on this information right when you get there.

How to Ace the Flight Attendant Face-to-Face Interview?

Put your best foot forward!

  • Make sure you are taking the time to really make yourself shine.
  • Speak articulately, be kind, compassionate, extraverted, patient, smile a lot, etc.
  • Use what experience you have under your belt to your advantage! If you’ve been a Flight Attendant before, make sure they know about it. If you’ve worked in a position where customer service was paramount, let them see that.
  • Be confident. Go in knowing you are going to get the position and make it happen.
  • Pay attention.
  • Be engaging.
  • Talk with others around you.
  • Ask questions.
  •  If you aren’t good at interviewing, practice with your friends and family at home. Find questions that could be used in the interview and really go all out. Get dressed how you want for the interview, have the people who are helping you rate your interview answers, and body language.
  • Make friends with the people around you! You will find a lot of them have gone through this process before and can give you pointers. They are also good to get in touch with after you have been offered the CJO, they will more than likely be in your training class. It always makes the environment less stressful when you already know other people.

What Should I Wear for the AA Flight Attendant Interview?

Dress to impress.

Wear a suit if you’re a male.

A dress, or pant suit, if you’re a female.

Look at what American’s Flight Attendants are currently wearing and gear it towards this.

Business professional is what you should air towards.

Have your hair done elegantly, wear lipstick, high heels, tights.

I would highly suggest having your hair up, in a bun of some sort, since this is what they will be requiring from you on the job.

On the same topic: How to Dress For Your Flight Attendant Interview


If you want to be a Flight Attendant, just be prepared for it to be a long process.

It isn’t something that usually happens right away, but it is well worth it!

If they say no at first, keep trying.

I know plenty of people where it’s taken multiple tries before they get the CJO, don’t give up.

Do as much research as you can, and you’ll be in the best possible position.

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