How to Deal With a Crazy Passenger in Altitude?

I’d like to talk about a passenger on my flight that was really more than I’d expected. In flight we referred to him as his seat number, for this post we’ll call him 15A, although that’s not really where he was seated.

The flight started out like any other flight. We boarded the plane and took off rather quickly. Once in the air, we began our routine services.

Before we could even open the bar though, 15A had  made his way down the isle to order a beer from me while I was speaking with another passenger. I’d already had a few other passengers asking for beer, so I didn’t think this was too unusual.

However within the next 10 minutes 15A would try to order another beer from the front galley, and a vodka from another Flight Attendant in the rear galley. Now my warning bells are ringing. We ignore two of the orders and just start him off with one of the beers.

We started the bar service shortly after, where 15A orders himself a vodka sprite. Between bar and dinner service he tries to order a few more drinks, of which I believe one was delivered from the front galley. Finally we receive a call in the back to delay any further bar service to him. Although he wasn’t acting aggressively, he was behaving abnormally. We suspected he was under the influence of something he took before the flight.

All is fairly smooth until after dinner service. Right after dinner, 15A bounced between both galleys trying to order drinks with no avail. He also began getting a little irritated. Eventually he catches one of our Flight Attendants eating their crew meal. She was having a salad, and apparently this sent him over the edge.

I was making my way to the front when he stops me and tells me that one of the Flight Attendants in the front is smuggling salad into the country. “Excuse me?” I said. He continued to explain, “You can’t take fruits or vegetables into Canada! Their breaking the law” I assured him we are allowed to have salads on the aircraft. We just can’t take them into foreign countries.  He continued to argue that the crew meals were illegal for containing vegetables. I tried explaining that the passenger meals contain vegetables as well, and that’s it’s legal.

I didn’t want to ignore him. He was irrational and under the influence of something or another, I didn’t want to add angry to the list.

My explanation that the passenger meals include vegetables seemed to satisfy him for the time being. I then made my way to the front galley.

Upon my return, he again needed my attention. This time he wanted to know “Why do we have to eat these meals while you guy’s get salads” He said it as if  salads are so much amazingly better than the hot meals our passengers get.

Before I could answer he then said “Do you get tested?”

“I’m sorry?” I said. Shocked.

“Do they do a blood test for drugs?”

“Not a blood test. But before we’re hired and periodically during employment we are tested.”

“That’s not good enough! You should be tested before and after every flight! You guys could snort a bunch of cocaine down in Mexico and get on the plane and no one could stop you! You’re all on coke.”

Stunned. I was absolutely stunned. I had no words at all, so I just walked away.

Later on I hear an Flight Atendant call button. I make my way into the cabin and see it’s seat 15A. Of course. I approach him and ask if there is anything I can help with. “Can you tell the captain to radio the plane next to us and tell them to stop dumping fuel? They’re dumping fuel and they need to stop.” I look out the window, but see nothing. “See that black line? That’s the fuel being dumped. I’m a pilot. I know!” I look again. I think I can see a black line out there, but no plane… and it doesn’t look like fuel. I couldn’t really see due to the angle I was at though. I told him I’d let the captain know. Although frankly I didn’t really intend on doing so.

The next time I was at the front of the cabin, I let my Cabin Manager know what he’s said about the jet fuel. She laughed and decided to tell the captain about it. She paused during his response, laughed again, and hung up the interphone. “The black line is our shadow on the clouds” she said.

That was the last of the odd remarks from 15A, although he continued to try and order drinks from both galleys. Eventually he was informed that we would no longer be serving him alcohol. I was so happy when he accepted the news without taking issue.

For the rest of the flight, he’d keep getting up from his seat and talking to different passengers. Never the same group twice however, so as far as I know he didn’t really bother anyone. He continued to say to people “What kind of airline cuts someone off after two beers?” No one argued with him, but as far as I can tell, no one agreed either.

Absolutely nuts. That’s all I can really say about passenger 15A.

2 thoughts on “How to Deal With a Crazy Passenger in Altitude?”

  1. He was either crazy or some form of ‘medication’ was kicking in real hard …

    at least you all made it home safely … 🙂

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