That’s How a Great Flight Looks Like for a Flight Attendant

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Recently I was flying from Mazatlan to Toronto. I was really fortunate to have a great group of passengers on that flight. It was actually a double stop flight, so when we were boarding in MZT we already had some passengers on board. While I was waiting for those passengers to board I was making small talk in the aisle with those who were already seated. Everyone was telling me how great their vacations were and all the things they saw and did while they were away. I take great interest in what our passengers do when they travel, sometimes I take note since I might want to try some of those activities myself.

In particular, we had one family in my section who were thumbing through our duty free magazine. The daughter saw that they can buy a 1:200 scale model of our aircraft and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Upon overhearing this I made my way over to them to tell them I in fact have one of these planes at home and just love it! We discussed the possibility of having the entire crew sign the model for them if they bought one. During bar service I also showed them the model plane so they could have a better idea of what they were getting. In the end they decided not to get the plane. I was a little disappointed, I enjoyed the prospect of the whole crew signing the aircraft for the family. Still, it was fun discussing with the family all the possibilities of what to do with it!

Also, during boarding a passenger asked me if I could find a place to stow large decorative sombrero, since the overheads in his section were full. While I was taking it the passengers started chanting “Put it on! Put it on! Put it on!” Since I didn’t have the owners permission, I didn’t actually wear it. But instead I held it over my head and paraded down the isle until I found a bin to stow it in. At this point I knew it would be a good flight.

Later in the flight we were serving meals and it began to get bumpy. I had two rows left in my section and I was being bounced about the cabin. Another flight attendant in the back galley asked me “Do you want to sit down?” and I said “No no…” I then paused, as I was getting bumped by the turbulence and was attempting to control my balance while holding meal trays. “…It’s like surfing!” My passengers must really have enjoyed that remark as the cabin began to roar with laughter. …I guess you had to be there. Anyways right after I said that the captain came on the PA and said “Flight Attendants be seated.”

Once the captain gives that command, standing is no longer an option. I apologized to the two remaining rows and took my cart back to the galley. We secured everything the best we could, all the while being jolted around. The turbulence had past the light point and was well into moderate. Once (mostly) all was secured, we took our jump seats until we’d passed all the potholes in the air. Once the captain gave us a green light to get up, I brought my trolley out to finish those last rows. I apologized for the delay as I returned, but everyone already understood why I had to go.

I had run out of one of our meal options in my cart when I served the last passenger before the turbulence, I was hoping that the last 12 people would all want the remaining option. Of course the first person I asked said “Can I have the pasta?” *sigh*

I informed her that I didn’t have any more in my cart, and before I could continue I heard from two others “Oh no!” One was the daughter who was interested in the model plane. Her mother then explained that she’d been hoping for the pasta from the point the meals were announced. The other “oh no!” was a woman sitting across from them.

As with any flight attendant, I hate it when I run out of an option. But all was not yet lost… I explained to everyone that I wasn’t sure what options they had left over in the other FA’s sections. I then scurried off to see what I could find. In the end I found 3 more pasta dinners. Just enough for those who voiced their concern. I crossed my fingers that everyone else would be happy with the other option. (shepherds pie)

When I returned to the row, I said “You’re in luck!” and handed the over a pasta to that passenger. The two others traveling with her had the pie. The next three passengers had yet to voice any preference in their meal, knowing how limited I was in pasta’s I asked “May I recommend a delicious shepherds pie?” The passengers around me giggled. All three agreed on that option. The family with the daughter thanked them. Next was the family, I recommended the pie to the father, who was at the window seat. He accepted. To the daughter I said “And I have a pasta for you!” She smiled and was very happy. And the mother also had the pie.

For my last three passengers I was able to give a pasta to the woman who had also exclaimed “oh no!” and again, she was thankful that I was able to accommodate her. The other two had the pie, and everyone was happily served!

Once finished I exaggeratedly wiped my forehead with my arm and explained “Phew! Done.” All the passengers in my section clapped and cheered for me. I gave a little bow and then made my way to the galley so I could prepare to clean up the empty meal trays. As I was walking away, I heard one passenger say to another “They’re so funny. What a great airline!”


The whole flight had this fun and supportive atmosphere. It really was a great group of passengers! I doubt any of them will see this post, but if so I just want to say: Thank you! You’ve been great.

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  1. It sounds like a great flight and a great job done! I too hate it when I run out of one choice that I know is the best choice and wonder what the catering company was thinking. A problem that we often run into is catering deciding that every meal needs dry ice on it. Right on the food in fact so that when I go to serve it, everything is frozen! Ugh. Also, we usually have chicken, chicken and oh yeah, chicken. Try asking a vegetarian if they’d like the chicken sandwich or the chicken salad.

    Unfortunately, right now I work for the company’s regional so we rarely get special meals. I did manage to make one woman happy when I took that lettuce and tomato off of all of the sandwich plates to make her a tomato and lettuce salad because the only thing I had that resembled vegetarian was frozen solid salad with chicken on it. She looked at me like I was a little nuts and yet told me how she was surprisingly pleased with my creativity.

    A good flight attendant is a spontaneous one!

    1. That IS creative! Luckily at my airline one of the options is always vegetarian, so I don’t run into that problem all too often.

      Although I recently had a situation where everyone wanted the veggie option and I had a passenger at the end of my section who couldn’t have the meat option. I felt bad when we ran out if the veggie meal… Luckily our pilots that day went to subway and didn’t want a crew meal, so I was able to give her the vegetarian crew meal.

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