Layover in Paradise (Mexico) – A Perk of my Flight Attendant Job

Yesterday was a long day, but as always I enjoyed it!

In December I bid for a number of trips for January that if awarded, would get me an all expenses paid mini-vacation. I actually got quite lucky, since I got a few of those trips. One of the trips I was awarded had me leaving for an all inclusive in Mexico early yesterday morning. It would give me two full days at the resort.

New before you all get jealous, I must advise you that all these trips come with a cost: I have to work my flights (duh!), getting to my final destination usually takes a very long time, and for the amount of time I’m away I really don’t get paid very much. As many of my readers will already know, flight attendants only get paid from the point we close the aircraft door and push back, to the point we arrive at the gate. We’ll also get paid a per diem if we’re on layover at a regular hotel, however that’s not true if the hotel is an all inclusive. Which is normally the case for our southern destinations. Therefore on this trip I’m only being paid for two flights, despite being away for 4 days. It’s a fun trip, but it’s not for those trying to make a lot of money.

I was up January 1st at 3:30am to get ready for my day. Because I had to be up early and due to other restrictions, I didn’t go out for New Years Eve. In fact I was in bed long before people in my time zone were singing Auld Lang Syne. I arrived early to the airport, but to me being early is being on time. I met my crew for the trip and was informed that our flight would be delayed as our plane hadn’t yet arrived. Once we had a plane however, everything went smoothly. We had a fantastic in flight service and made up for our lost time in the air, arriving in Cancun (almost) on time. Most of our passengers left the plane very satisfied and were pleased to be starting their vacation. In fact a young family came up to us as we were clearing customs to tell us how fabulous we were. I love my passengers. 🙂

Unfortunately for me and my crew, Cancun was not the end of our day. We had to catch another flight to deadhead to Mexico City, where we’d connect to one last flight heading to our final destination. By the time all was said and done, we’d worked a 17 hour day and I could barely lift my bags! I can’t tell you how nice it was to see my hotel room. Once unpacked we all went for dinner and after dinner we took some time to unwind and relax. I was the first to head off to bed. I was just to exhausted to stay up any later. Today was spent enjoying the beach and sun, and tomorrow will be the same I’m sure. After that I’ll once again take to the skies!

I bid my schedule for this month to favour trips with long(ish) layovers in sunny destinations. Once of the perks in this career is the ability to do that. However I think next month I will try to get as much flight time in as possible. After all, that’s where the money is!

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  1. I cant wait for this! A long day pays off when you end up in the sun or some where new with happy passengers 🙂 How is it meeting new crew every paring?? Thats one thing I think I’m going to like a lot…. getting to met new people every time and not just work with the same people every day. Great blog! So happy I found a Canadian FA blog. 1 more year till I can apply to become a Flight Attendant!

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