Another Long Working Day (15+ hours) as a Cabin Crew

The last turn I wrote about was the Cancun turn. Today I’d like to write about the Huatulco turn (it’s Mexico too).

Yesterday was a very long day! Just slightly over 15 hours of continuous duty time. You can bet when I got home I went straight to bed! But it was a good flight. Somewhat uneventful, but here are the highlights:

YVR (Vancouver) –HUX (Huatulco):

During boarding another FA asked me to pass a paper towel roll to her. I was stuck between a few passengers and couldn’t reach. I opted to toss the roll over their heads to her instead of wait a few minutes to bring it to her. The roll bounced off the ceiling, hitting a passenger in the head. I apologised profusely. I later brought that passenger a few extra glasses of Champaign at no charge. There were no hard feelings and the other passengers around him wished I had hit them with the paper towel roll.

At meal service a passenger informs me she had ordered a special meal as she has several different allergies. After double checking I was sure this meal was not boarded. From what I could tell, the agent she’d booked the meal with had not submitted the order. I apologized and told her that we didn’t receive the meal request but would do my best to try and put something together for her. I managed to find some crew fruit and vegetables that none of the FAs intended to eat and offered those to her. Later in the flight I brought her an onboard meal request form for her to fill out and informed her that when we returned to Vancouver we’d submit the form to head office so that her meal would be there for her on the return flight. Overall she seemed to appreciate my effort.

A child became very airsick on this flight. I did my best to provide air sickness bags and paper towels. I also informed the mother to open the air in the unit above her seat as it’ll help and gave her some cool moist cloths and told her to put them on his neck and forehead.

For deplaning we were able to use the aft exit in addition to the forward exit. As this was my door I got to standby, wave, and say “buh-bye now! Have a nice day!” That’s my favourite part. Several passengers stopped to thank me for the excellent service. Some even asked if I’d be picking them up in a week. Sadly I said, “I’m afraid I’ll be working out of Winnipeg next week.”


During boarding I said to passengers, “Are you ready to see some snow in Vancouver?” Pax were not amused. I was.

While handing out customs cards a passenger asks me if we stayed in HUX. I said, “Nope, flew down from YVR and are heading right back.” The passenger was surprised and said “That would be such a long day!” “15 hours.” I said. “How do you get through it?” They asked. “I love my job.” I replied. “I can tell.” they added.

The augmented pilot on break spent much of this leg in the aft galley chatting with us when we weren’t busy. Since this flight was over 6 hours long we had plenty of time. Very friendly pilot, made time fly by. So to speak.

At the end of the flight I was handing out chocolate to passengers, and told a younger pax that he can have as many as he’d like. Just then our augmented pilot came up and took a handful. I said jokingly “Not you!” “But you said take as many as you like!” he replied. “Yeah, for our passengers. Get up there and fly the plane!” He and the passengers laughed. The next pax said to me “That was funny.” “Sometimes you’ve gotta put them in their place.” I said, laughing.”

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  1. Thanks Jet, for yet another interesting, amusing post. Your blog is fun to follow and I always look forward to reading your newest post. Anyone who reads but a handful of your posts will quickly understand that you are a young man who sincerely enjoys his job. In today’s job markets, you enjoy a truly special status, that of the Happy Camper. And, if I have to say it, your customers are lucky to have YOU as one of their FAs. Best wishes, -C.

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