Photo Editing


Most airlines will ask you to submit photos as part of your application process:

  • One passport photograph
  • One full-length photograph

So getting the perfect photo for your Cabin Crew application is crucial, let us help you with that. Do you know how your photos should be?

Learn and follow the guidelines for these pictures.

  • The background should be one-color (usually white, light blue or grey)
  • Business attire: your attire and surroundings should be conservative and reflect your personal image.
  • Grooming: wear full makeup and hair should be in a bun.
  • No accessories: scarfs, jewelry, watches, or glasses.
  • The full-length photo must show your full body, including the head and shoes.
  • Natural smile.
  • Hands straight by side, with both legs together. Stand up straight.
  • Good lightning/ No shadows.

If you want to take your passport or full-length photo yourself and you don’t have plain white walls to pose in front of at home,  send us your photos in high-quality resolution and we’ll get that photo studio look that you need. We’ll polish your photo and edit it with a plain professional background to obtain the best result.

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