A Reply to Passengers Negative Comments About Flight Attendants


I fly all the time, and I’ve flown on a variety of carriers, and I have to say I just love it! But it’s obvious that some people very much don’t feel the same way. I was reading a blog post today on “10 things your flight attendant won’t tell you” and some passenger comments to the post were very negative.

I have just returned from a long travel with many flights. The whole experience of flying has become so completely unpleasant, uncomfortable, and expensive. The flight attendants and pilots represent one part of the entire airline business; but, these expressions of disdain for the customer tells all.
You can pay and pay and pay, but don’t act human in any way.
I will try to avoid flying as much as possible.
It is a lousy and demeaning experience that I do not need.

Firstly, I need to say that flying has absolutely not become too expensive. It’s one of the few industries where prices and fares have stayed the same while inflation on everything else has gone up. I believe this is largely due to the fact that passengers simply are not willing to pay more for a flight. What has changed is that due to the inability to raise fares to account for inflation, airlines need to carry more passengers and cut none essential services like complimentary meals and in some cases in flight entertainment. Airlines are falling from the sky and it’s because they try to provide top notch service at bare bottom prices. I’m afraid it isn’t financially possible anymore. If you want extra comfort consider paying for that first class ticket.

Otherwise, I recommend smiling and being friendly and courteous to your flight attendant. It’s a two way street you know! Try to understand that they have a lot of work to do for you on this flight. I can almost guarantee that’ll make a world of difference in the level of service you’ll receive.

FA’s are absolutely “glorified waitresses”. Most of them barely made it out of high school, took the job because it seemed glamorous to them and they thought it would be a good way to land a pilot husband.
Ever since 9/11 they have become nothing but power mad tyrants.
You know how to open a door and how to deploy the inflatable ramp…yes, this makes you a highly trained professional. Notice I didn’t comment on being trained on how to use the automatic defibrillator machine, seeing as how many restaurant waitresses are as well.

Ughh! Barely made it out of high school? I was on honour student! For the record everyone. I graduated from BCIT majoring in Digital Animation. I decided to become a flight attendant because this industry is my passion. I’m not an exception, I know a lot of flight attendants in a similar situation. Being an FA is not glamorous, and anyone who is serious about taking this career will quickly learn so. Flight Attendants work long hours for relatively low pay. They are often sleep deprived, clean up vomit, and deal with rude passengers. Now don’t get me wrong! Flight attendants get to travel, meet wonderful and amazing people, and most of them love their jobs. I’m just saying it isn’t all glamor and sparkles. And I’ll ignore that part about taking the job to find a husband. Someone’s been watching too much fly girls.

What many people don’t realize is that FA’s often have their hand’s tied. You’re not being told “The seatbelt sign is on, you need to return to your seat” and “I’m afraid you can’t open the overhead bins or use the restroom while the aircraft is taxiing” simply because they don’t like you. That would be crazy! FA’s are bound by the regulations of Transport Canada (or the FAA in the United States) to enforce these laws. Failure to do so can result in termination. Not to mention these rules are for your safety, no one wants to see you get hurt.

FAs know more than just deploying the slide. Did you know you need to be certified to become a flight attendant? You have to complete up to 8 weeks of solid safety training, as well as recurrent training every year. They’re your doctors, your police officers, your safety managers, evacuators, and last but certainly not least: Your Customer Service Providers. Flight Attendants are the industry’s “Jack/Jill of all trades”. And trust me: Flight attendants use these skills far more often than you’d believe.


Although some passengers are blatantly unaware of why flight attendants are on the flight or why airlines operate the way they do, I have to say most passengers are just fabulous. Most everyone says their pleases and thank you’s, and they are the ones that make flying so wonderful. So I just want to put a great big thank you out there to everyone who makes the travel industry so great!

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