Are Flight Attendant Training Exams Hard? Do a Lot of People Fail?

Few days ago, I received this email, so I thought I’d share my experience with everyone here :

I’ve been reading your blog for few days now, it has so much information and I am glad I found it! I just finished reading your training posts, as I am to go to training in two weeks. And I am really nervous about exams and required high scores, as I was never an exam person in schools. My question is, jet, did everyone who was invited to your training class get to graduate? Or did a lot of people fail..? I just need assurance, and I am really nervous! If you would be a big help if you could email me back. 🙂

Thank you!
[Name Removed]


Hi [Name Removed],

I’ll start off by saying that, no not everyone who was invited to my training class graduated.

That being said, if the airline has invited you to begin training then they have faith in you and are willing to invest a huge amount of money to put you through training. The airline wants you to succeed and they will give you all the tools necessary to do so.

Each exam will likely be based on the lesson from the day before, and you’ll be given everything you need to study at home. As long as you pay attention in class, and review everything you learned that day at home you’ll be fine. That’s what I did and I tied for the highest grade in my class. Incidentally, I was also never an exam person in school. However, being a Flight Attendant is something I really wanted which made everything we were learning very fascinating for me.

Your instructors will also be there to support you with any concerns you might have.

Training is a very busy time. At my airline, the classes were 8 hour days Monday to Friday, plus studying at home. However, you’re going to make lots of friends in training, as well as get to do some pretty awesome stuff! I’m sure you’re going to love it.


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  1. Great post, Jet! Many young folks lack confidence in themselves, but that is perfectly normal for hi-teens and early 20s folks. You gave the writer great advice and s/he should not worry! As noted, s.he was selected from a HUGE pool of applicants and for some reason. As with any other shour, intensive course, Pay Attention to the lecutres, read the manuals and study materials and approach the exams with confidence. The subjects may seem intimidating at first, but they are not! This is no Rocket Science. Whenever a question is iffy, error on the side of best safety practices and move on. I think your writer will do just fine! Safety is always first and there are no compromises there. Next is customer service and yes, that just takes some time to learn. Smiles, a positive attitude and some spirit of genuine fun will prevail. As you have noted several times, your particular airline hauls mostly vacation-bound Northerners, many of which may not be experienced flyers. With that in mind, Happy Landings and best wished to your recent writer. If s/he pays attention and does his/her homework, passing the entry FA course is doable. Best wishes to all, -Cedarglen

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