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airlines that pay the most to flight attendants

One of the things that blew my mind when I worked for American Airlines was the pay. As a junior flight attendant, I made more money than my mom, who …
best airlines for flight attendants

Selecting an airline to work at as a flight attendant is an important choice. Once …
interview american airlines

The interview process involved with becoming an American Airlines flight attendant can be a long, …
become flight attendant without experience

I was 23, unemployed, and in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, sitting on a …
best flight attendants uniforms

Some flight attendant uniforms are not only beautiful but so iconic that they can be …

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flight attendant interview

If you are like me, you probably like to study for any big, upcoming interviews. When I was preparing for my flight attendant interviews, I had to scour the internet …
flight attendant tattoo

Showing off tattoos at work is becoming pretty common as Millennials take over the professional …
Is Your Layover Long Enough?

As a Southwest flight attendant with six years of experience, I’ve seen many travelers grapple …
woman solo travel usa

Jetsetting on your own is thrilling and self-empowering. But don’t worry if you’re a first-timer. …
best places to travel with a baby

Who said your traveling days are over once you have babies? Honestly, babies are only …

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Passenger Habits Flight Attendants Secretly Judge

Passengers have tons of weird habits, and yes, your flight attendants are secretly judging you …
Why Flight Attendants Won’t Help You Lift Your Luggage

Recently there has been quite a buzz about flight attendants refusing to help passengers stow …
Passenger Types You’ll Find on a Plane

It takes all kinds of passengers to make the world go round, ranging from nice, …
FAQ being Flight Attendant

People make assumptions all the time. Most of the time they are wrong. I got …
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