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Have you ever wondered how much flight attendants make? Whenever I talk to people about what I do for a living, their eyes light up because they think that I have a glamorous life just traveling the

Selecting an airline to work at as a flight attendant is an important choice. Once you are hired, switching airlines can be a hard thing to do because you will have to attend training and start off

The interview process involved with becoming an American Airlines flight attendant can be a long, multi-step process. So don’t be surprised if it takes four to five months to receive an invitation to the in-person interview in

I was 23, unemployed, and in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, sitting on a flight between Charlotte, North Carolina (CLT) and Peoria, Illinois (PIA), when a realization hit me. I wanted nothing more than to become

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Finding comfortable shoes is especially important for us flight attendants. We are constantly on our feet at high altitudes, standing for over 10 hours on some days. So, it’s no wonder we can develop foot problems, sore

We all know how flying with toddlers can be a really challenging experience for parents: navigating the airport with kids and dealing with the stroller and your bags through security is not easy. So we interviewed several

If you’re wondering what sort of luggage professional flight attendants use – because whatever choices we make, they’ve got to be good ones  – then look no further. I’m a flight attendant and I will give you

An important part of being a flight attendant is the correct wearing of the uniform and tights are an integral part of that. I’ve spent more than 11 years trying to figure out what is the best

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