[Video] Pouring Diet Coke in the Air. Again.

Since I’ve been receiving so much attention lately for my video on how I pour diet coke, I decided on a flight yesterday that I would re-shoot that video! As an extra bonus, I’m actually appearing in it. So uh… hello!


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  1. Just too silly. For my purposes, pop the can, stuff in a straw –
    or not – and serve. Your choice…, but if I do not get a full can, I’ll be on the button for hours. Doctor says I must have++ fluids, D.C. (or Cold Seltzer) are the only choices, so be smart and make the volume easy to obtain. I will not drink alcohol, so… please make it easier. How many bell rings do you want to hear?
    Nice to see a new post or two…
    P.S. No. I will not drink ‘airplane water.’ Do you?

    1. If you ask for the full can, you’ll get the can.
      Also: My airline serves bottled water to it’s passengers. Also also, I have drank the aircraft’s potable water without any issue.

  2. That’s so unsanitary. The top of the can is dirty, unless you’ve watched it first. No, I never drink straight out of a can, I either pour into a cup or use a straw

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