Why Are Some People Entiteled To Pre-Board a Plane?

Sometimes I’m asked by my friends what the deal is on Pre-Boarding. Usually it’s something along the lines of “Why are some people entitled to get on the plane before others?”

I think the answer is rather simple;

  • Families travelling with small children are pre-boarded since they need extra time to get organized and be seated.
  • Passengers who require special attention are pre-boarded so they can be familiarized with their seats and the aircraft.
  • And passengers willing to pay extra for their seats are given priority boarding as an extra perk (IE. First Class or Elite, or what have you)


Also, slightly unrelated:
When I fly anywhere with anyone I always insist that if they are to fly with me, they must dress up!
The reason for that is because I’ve always been the child of an airline employee. Because of this I usually travel on a standby pass. When travelling standby you (and all who are flying with you) are a representative of the airline and are required to adhere to the airline’s dress code. For that reason I’ve always been in the habit of dressing up for flying.

That, and flying standby you are more likely to get upgraded to executive class. But only if you are dressed to be in executive class.

The same upgrade principle applies when flying full fare, as many airlines will sometimes upgrade economy passengers if they need to and it could be you if you’re dressed for the part.

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