Why as a Flight Attendant I Like Red Eye Flights? (Am I Crazy?)

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Most of my Flight Attendant colleagues tend to complain when they have to operate red eye flights. Call me crazy, but I enjoy them! On a red eye flights our service always goes much smoother and more quickly. This is because less people are ordering alcohol, more people sleep through the services, and less people are in the aisles while we are completing our services.

I find it particularly difficult when people order drinks. I guess I’m just not a natural born server, because it really throws a wrench in my service flow. That not to say they shouldn’t order drinks, by all means go ahead. Especially if you just want a beer. Those are easy, I don’t even need to pour them. But I find there are a lot of flights where there are rows of people that place orders like this:

“All three of us will have Caesars, I’m paying for these two with a 20. He’s paying for his with a 10, oh and I’ll buy 23D a rum and coke too. Also he wants extra ice in his Caesar.”

Things like that happen surprisingly often and it is certainly not my strong point. On a busy flight when a few rows order like that it can be very stressful. On a lot of our flights we barely have enough time to complete all our service when everyone makes simple orders.

Which brings me back to red eye flights. For the most part, everyone plans to sleep after the meal. For that reason we usually serve the meals first before the bar service. By the time we’re out with the bar, half the plane is sleeping. That helps the bar to move along smoothly and finish quickly. It gives me time to attend to the comfort of our passengers who don’t sleep well on planes, answer any call buttons, and if time permits even eat my crew meal.

Longer red eye flights can be dull, but I like to use the time to get to know my crew mates. As well as I think there is always work to be done, sometimes you just have to look for it.

In short, I can’t say I prefer red eye flights but I certainly don’t mind them! I like how they aren’t so “rush rush rush! finish this service and start the next!” I can actually take care of my passengers (even chat with them sometimes!).

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  1. The same for me! And in those cases, I always come back to the passengers and ask them again what they have ordered… But coffee service is the worst… ! Regular sugar? Sweet sugar? Cream or Milk ? Not easy to remember for a full row…

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