25 Best Places to Travel With Toddlers in the World

Best Places to Travel With Toddlers

Are you looking to expand your kids’ horizons and take them all over the world? If you are, there are many places that would be perfect for a family vacation.

Read on to learn more about the 25 best places to travel with toddlers in the world.

1. France

Paris, France

We start off our list with a magical destination, Paris.

The main draw there for toddlers is Disneyland, where your kids can have the time of their lives experiencing all the rides and entertainment.

Some of the best rides to try out are the circus train, flying elephant, and railroad.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • The food and sightseeing possibilities are endless.
  • There will be plenty of activities to enjoy, not just for your kids, but for you too.
  • The weather in the summer is sublime.

Accommodation Recommendations

Any of the resorts affiliated with Disneyland Paris will have everything you need to keep your kids happy.

2. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Are you looking for the perfect beach vacation to enjoy with your young ones? The Dominican Republic is a place to consider for sure.

The water and weather there are pristine all year long.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • It’s a short flight away if you live on the east coast.
  • It’s a perfect place to relax and unwind with your kids.
  • It’s super cheap, which is great if you’re on a budget.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Hyatt Ziva, Grand Sirenis, and Princess Family Club are all excellent family resorts with huge pools equipped with water slides your kids will love.

3. Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Spain is an excellent holiday destination for kids and adults alike.

If you go with your kids, be sure to check out Park Guel in Barcelona. This tourist spot will have your kids gawking over the unique architecture and statues. It’s also a great place for a peaceful family picnic.

You should also go to Ciutadella Park (Barcelona). It contains a zoo where your kids can see all kinds of animals.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • Whether you’re looking for beaches or culture, Spain’s got it all.
  • Most big cities have an excellent subway system so you can travel safely with your kids.

Accommodation Recommendations

Book a family suite at the Hotel El Palace in Barcelona. This hotel has great babysitting services and is only a mile away from the beach.

4. Switzerland

Valais, Switzerland

Switzerland is an excellent country to take your kids on an adventure they’ll never forget.

We recommend the Valais region. This place in the midst of the Swiss Alps has plenty of picnic spots, lakes, and playgrounds with stunning scenery.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • Your kids will get to see lots of wildlife firsthand.
  • It’ll allow your kids to learn to have fun in the simplest settings.
  • The scenery is second to none.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Boutique Hotel Panorama is the perfect choice for a family stay in Switzerland thanks to its vast green areas where your kids can run around and play all day.

5. Dubai

Dubai city

If you’re looking for a place with endless entertainment for your kids, look no further than Dubai. This city in the United Arab Emirates is packed with theme parks and waterparks. It even has waterparks specifically designed for toddlers, such as the Atlantis Splashers area.

We recommend going there in the fall or winter as the weather can be quite harsh in the summer.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • There are entertainment outlets for all ages.
  • You can find all your shopping needs there.
  • It’s a multicultural city where your kids will be exposed to all kinds of people.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Radisson Blu has a massive pool that your kids will have tons of fun in.

6. Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Another great place to take your little tykes on holiday is Tokyo, Japan. Your kids will get to experience a highly technological city that still has fascinating sights from its rich history.

The safe and convenient subway system makes it easy to take your kids around and visit the playgrounds and parks littered all over the city.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • You and your kids will get to indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine.
  • Tokyo is rated as one of the most toddler-friendly cities worldwide.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Tokyo Prince Hotel is a great kid-friendly option. In fact, kids aged five or younger can stay free of charge.

7. Bali

Bali, Indonesian

Bali is a must-visit destination whether you’re going on a romantic getaway with your partner or going with your kids.

The Indonesian paradise is full of breathtaking nature, pristine beaches, and waterfalls. Not only that, but the locals are also incredibly friendly.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • It’s fairly affordable considering the value you get in return.
  • It’s packed with natural marvels and amazing beaches.
  • You can hire reasonably priced babysitters to tend to your kids if you want to spend some time alone with your partner.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Grand Hyatt Bali is the perfect choice for your family trip. It has a kids club program that offers activities like treasure hunts and origami.

8. Australia


When people plan trips to Australia, they typically go to big cities, such as Sydney.

If you’re going there with your young ones, we recommend visiting the Sunshine Coast or Hamilton Island. The beaches there are stunning and you’ll likely see animals you’ve never seen before.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • It has plenty of beaches and natural sights.
  • You can explore the country’s fascinating wildlife.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Oaks Sunshine Coast Oasis Resort has fun-packed pool slides to keep your kids occupied for hours.

9. Hawaii

Vacations in Hawaii

Another place to consider for your next family vacation is Hawaii. The best region to go for is Maui.

There are plenty of beaches there with shallow water and experienced lifeguards, allowing your kids to splash away safely. The best beach for toddlers in Maui is Baby Beach.

You can even ramp up the adventure with a submarine tour.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • The weather is great all year long, so you can go anytime.
  • It’s only a short flight away if you live on the west coast.
  • The locals are incredibly friendly.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Westin Maui Resort is the way to go. It has plenty of fun pool slides and flamingos that your kids will love.

10. Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan isn’t a country you’d expect to be on this list. However, it’s one of the safest, most kid-friendly countries in Asia. Furthermore, it has a safe subway system that’ll allow you to take your toddlers all around Taipei with ease.

While you’re there, don’t miss out on riding the world’s fastest elevator at the Taipei 101 building!

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • The Children’s Amusement Park is among many fun attractions for kids.
  • It’s an affordable destination with a lot to offer.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Howard Green Bay Resort Hotel has a huge pool and a great beach for your kids to splash all day.

11. Maldives

vacations in Maldives

The Maldives are best known as a prime spot for honeymoons and couple vacations. However, they’re also a great place to visit with your kids.

There are many places there with toddlers in mind. These places offer kid-friendly activities, such as cooking classes, sandcastle building, and many more games.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • It’s world-renowned for its crystal clear waters.
  • There’s no shortage of activities that both you and your kids will enjoy.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Sheraton Maldives Full Moon is an option to consider for sure. It has many pools and playgrounds your kids can have fun in.

12. Florida


Who says you have to leave the country to go on a fun-packed vacation with your kids?

The obvious draw is Disney World in Orlando. However, this isn’t the only place suitable for toddlers in the Sunshine State.

There are many more theme parks and water parks to enjoy with your young ones. Additionally, most Florida hotels are catered to children.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • You won’t have to cross the border to get there.
  • There are amazing beaches everywhere.
  • It’s sunny all year long.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Orlando Disney Resort is a no-brainer for your Florida family vacation.

13. Slovenia


One of the lesser-known countries to take your kids on vacation is Slovenia.

This small Eastern European country is full of beautiful places. However, we recommend Lake Bled. It has breathtaking cliffs overlooking a stunning lake. Additionally, the area has many playgrounds that you can easily get to thanks to the paved sidewalks.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • It’s a great place to immerse yourself in nature.
  • It’s an affordable option if you want a budget-friendly vacation.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Charming Slovenia Resort is a great place to relax with your family trip due to its beautiful pools and lakes.

14. London, England

London, England

You should also consider England as the destination for your next vacation with your kids.

London doesn’t immediately stand out as a toddler-friendly place. However, it has plenty of activities and sights to see.

Taking a ride on the London Eye and seeing the city from a bird’s eye view is an experience your kids won’t forget soon. You can also take them to the SeaLife aquarium where they’ll be fascinated by all the marine creatures.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • You’ll have a hard time fitting all the available activities into your itinerary.
  • It has excellent public transportation which makes it a breeze to take your kids around the city.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Hapimag Resort in London is a toddler-friendly hotel with a kids club that offers plenty of activities, such as board games.

15. Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Going north of the border may not seem like the obvious choice for a toddler-friendly trip. In reality, visiting Vancouver in summer and early fall is an excellent idea.

If you live in a northern state, you can even make a road trip out of it.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • There are pristine beaches all over the city.
  • There are many playgrounds and water parks.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Poets Cove Resort in Vancouver is an excellent choice for a family vacation. It has great adventure potential, with activities like kayaking and canoeing.

16. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Are you looking to take your kids on vacation in an exotic location? If you are, Costa Rica is just the place to go.

This beautiful country is sure to provide you and your kids with experiences you’ll never forget.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • Whether it’s ziplining, hiking, or horseback riding, Costa Rica is full of adventure.
  • The national parks are packed with exotic wildlife, like sloths and macaws.
  • It’s one of the safest country in Latin America.

Accommodation Recommendations

Your kids will love the pool at the JW Marriot Guanacaste Hotel.

17. Italy

Florence, Italy

If you survey 100 kids, chances are that every single one loves pizza.

Therefore, taking them to Italy for some Italian pizza and pasta is bound to be a popular decision.

We recommend taking toddlers to a smaller city, such as Florence (Tuscany). It’s easier to naviguate than bigger Italian cities, such as Rome or Milan.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • It’s an unrivaled cultural and culinary experience.
  • The locals in smaller cities are friendly.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Canado Club Family Village Hotel is the best place to stay on your family trip to Tuscany.

18. Norway


Known as the happiest country in the world, Norway is an excellent destination for both adults and kids.

Take your kids there if you’re looking for a safe country full of wonder and adventure.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • From its mountains to its beaches, Norway is a scenic paradise.
  • Your kids will get to experience once-in-a-lifetime adventures, such as whale watching.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Vestlia Resort has vast parks that your kids will have a blast playing in.

19. Egypt


The most obvious attraction in Egypt is the Great Pyramids of Giza.

However, that’s far from the only thing this fascinating country has to offer.

Egypt is full of natural wonders and beaches that your kids will love. Additionally, Egyptians are known as some of the friendliest people in the world.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • It’s a highly affordable country with loads to offer. Your kids will finally get to see a real-life mummy!
  • It has it all, from Ancient Egyptian attractions to beautiful beaches and mountains.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Marriot Mena House Hotel has a splendid view of the Pyramids. It also has all the amenities your kids may need.

20. California


If your kids have never been to California, you should take them there for sure.

Los Angeles is the obvious choice because of Disneyland and Universal Studios.

However, you should also take your kids to natural wonders like Big Sur. This mountain range is packed with stunning lakes and waterfalls that your kids will love.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • It has all the entertainment and scenic locales you can think of.
  • It’s only a short drive away if you live on the west coast.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Disneyland Hotel is your best choice. Your kids will love this Disney-themed hotel.

21. Bahamas


Many adults have a visit to the Bahamas on their bucket list, so why not take your kids there and let them cross it off theirs early?

You and your toddlers will never want to leave this tropical paradise.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • It has hundreds of islands filled with tropical playgrounds.
  • Your kids will get to be up close to diverse and fascinating marine life.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Reef at Atlantis is a fun-packed resort that your kids will never want to leave. The pools have all kinds of water slides and their tropical setting enhances the experience.

22. Germany

Freiburg, Germany

The German city of Freiburg is another place to consider taking your toddlers on vacation.

Make sure to visit it as well as Munich to visit the castles that inspired Disney.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • It’s one of the safest countries in the world.
  • It has excellent public transportation.

Accommodation Recommendations

Check out the Dorint Thermenhotel in Freiburg or the Hapimag Resort in Munich. These hotels have playgrounds to occupy your kids for several hours a day.

23. Belgium


Brussels, Belgium is also a great destination for a family trip.

Not only is this city known for its delicious chocolate and waffles, but it’s also a hotspot for cartoon artists. Your kids will love the museums and exhibits there which include art from Smurfs and Tintin.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • The scenic beauty of Bruges is unmatched.
  • Brussels has several kid-friendly museums, like the Toy Museum and the International Museum of Puppets.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Tangla Hotel is a great option for your Brussels family vacation because It offers free beds for toddlers.

24. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Your kids will love a trip to Hong Kong. Disneyland will be like a dream to them with all the activities it has to offer. Be sure to also take them to Ocean Park and Big Buddha for a cable car ride.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • The city is full of fascinating culture and fun activities.
  • Getting around the city is a breeze thanks to the excellent public transport.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is the obvious choice that your kids will love.

25. Singapore


Singapore is a hidden Utopia that isn’t talked about much.

This country is a perfect destination for you and your kids. It has plenty of kid-friendly parks and green spaces for your children to play in.

Why You’ll Love This Place

  • The locals are extremely friendly.
  • It has activities appropriate for both adults and kids, like the Singapore Zoo and River Safari.

Accommodation Recommendations

The Hotel Marina Bay Sands offers many perks, including complimentary free admission to the ArtScience Museum.

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