23 Can’t-Miss Apps for Flights and Travel This 2024

best apps for travelers

Smartphones and apps have made traveling easier over the last decade or so, and the travel apps available in 2024 are better than ever! As professional travelers, we use these apps all the time, but we are not ones to gatekeep so I thought I would share some of my favorite travel apps for 2024 to help make your upcoming trips a breeze. 

All of these traveler apps are available for both iPhone and Android and were available in my app store. (So I am going to go out on a limb and assume you can download these apps no matter which country your app store is set to.)

I’ve provided links to all the apps. In most cases, I have linked to either the developer’s download site, or the Apple app store, if you need them for Android just search for the app using your preferred app store.

1) Skyscanner


Skyscanner is a flight, hotel, and rental car booking app that is most famous for helping travelers find great deals on flights.

Skyscanner searches through all the possible flight itineraries that will get you where you want to go. The app will compare the prices of flights with different carriers and show you the best options. You can even set price alerts to have the app notify you when the price of the flight you want to take drops.

If you are flexible, I recommend paying attention to the colors that pop up when you go to input the dates you want to travel:

  • Green = least expensive
  • Orange = average
  • Red = expensive

If you can fly on the green days, you will find great deals!

👉 Download for Android | iOS

2) Flight Aware

flight aware

There are tons of flight tracking apps out there, Flight Aware is my personal favorite.

You can search for any commercial flight, and it will spit out all the information you could possibly need about that flight, including:

  • Departure time
  • Delays
  • Gate
  • Aircraft type

You can even track your aircraft’s inbound flight to see if it is encountering any delays that might not be reflected in your flight’s information yet.

What I like most about Flight Aware is the fact that all of its functions are free to use. You can opt to pay a $5.99 annual subscription if you want to get rid of the ads that might slow down the app, but you don’t have to. In my opinion, this is what sets the app apart from some of the others, that lock some features until you pay for a premium access.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

3) Booking.com


Yes, the name of the app is also Booking.com, the same as the website. You can use either the app or the website to book hotels, car rentals, taxis, flights, and even get tickets for local attractions at your destination.

Having the app downloaded prior to your trip is really helpful because you an access your booking details, manage your reservations, and message with your hotel hosts.

There are also a number of great money-back programs you can use in conjunction with Booking.com to earn rewards for the things you book through the app/website.

Amazon Prime users, for example, can get credit back toward their future bookings.

People who use the coupon app ibotta can also get cash back from anything they pay for through Booking.com. (Unfortunately, ibotta is currently only available in the US.)

👉 Download for Android | iOS

4) Freetour.com


The purpose of the Freetour.com app, or website, is in its name! This tool helps connect you to free tours offered by local guides in cities around the world. 

Most of the tours are free, the guides just ask that you show your appreciation by tipping at the end of your tour. We recommend tipping between $5 and $15 per person depending on the length of the tour and how much you enjoyed it.

Not all tours on Freetour are, in fact, free, but most are pretty reasonably priced.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

5) Google Maps

google maps

If it were not for Google Maps I would probably still be wandering the streets of Rome, lost forever in some narrow medieval alleyway.

The Google Maps app is the most reliable navigation app that I have used. It can give you directions for multiple modes of transportation including driving, public transit, walking, biking, and even e-scooters!

Pro tip: It is always a good idea to download the local public transit app if you are planning on using public transit. These apps will give you access to timetables for the various buses or trains you may need. A lot of cities will also allow you to purchase your ticket through their app, which saves you having to fight through a kiosk in a foreign language.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

6) Omio


Omio is a fantastic app if you are looking to travel through Europe and want to be budget conscious. I have been using it since 2014!

The app allows you to compare the prices of all modes of transport in one screen. This allows you to make travel decisions based on what is most important to you; the price, or the time it takes you to reach your destination.

You just enter your destination and starting city and off you go. The newer versions of the app also allow you to store your tickets and boarding passes right in the app, so they’re all conveniently in one place.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

7) Tricount

tricount app

Traveling with friends? Tricount might just be the best app you can have, especially if you’re the trip accountant.

Tricount allows you to easily keep track of expenses and calculate how much each person in your travel group owes at the end of the trip. You can then easily export the data from the app and send it to each person, so they have a detailed invoice of every expense. It also helps you keep track of how much you’ve been paid back, so you know exactly who you need to nag for reimbursement.

I know people who use this app to manage the finances in shared flats too, so this app is helpful for more than just travel.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

8) XE Converter

XE Converter

The XE Converter app is a handy currency converter app that lets you compare the value of two currencies. It is really useful if you want to see how much something costs in your own currency while traveling.

It will be super helpful in countries like Iceland, the Czech Republic, or Japan, for example, where the currency is vastly different from what people in the US, Canada, or the EU are used to.

You can also use the app to send money internationally. There are fees involved by XE is very transparent about the fee, and the exchange rate you are getting.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

9) Bla Bla Car

Bla Bla Car

Bla Bla Car is great for budget travelers. It’s like high-tech hitch-hiking. 

Basically you can enter your destination and see if someone happens to be driving there from your starting city. You can then contact the driver and arrange to ride along with them. Most will have you chip-in a little money for gas.

If getting into a car with a complete stranger is not really your idea of adventure, there are also bus options available through Bla Bla Car.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

10) Google Translate

Google Translate

Imagine you are in an Airbnb in Portugal trying to do laundry and you don’t know what the words on the washing machine mean. Google Translate is the app you should turn to for help!

In addition to simply entering the text you would like to translate, Google Translate can now translate through your camera! You just have to point your phone at the sign or document you want translated and it translates it automatically.

The conversation translator is very helpful when trying to ask a local for directions, it can translate in real time. Isn’t technology these days amazing?

👉 Download for Android | iOS

11) Uber


You probably already have Uber downloaded on your phone to use when you need a ride home from the pub, but the good news is you can also use it while traveling!

Uber has added service in new cities around the world. I personally prefer to get an Uber over catching a cab, especially when I don’t speak the language. I can just enter my destination and catch the ride, knowing exactly how much it will cost and approximately what time I will arrive.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

12) Maps me

Maps me

Maps me is a map app designed to be used offline. It’s a super helpful app to have if you don’t have an international data plan because it allows you to download the maps and directions you need while on Wi-Fi to use offline.

You may have to pay for the pro version to unlock all of its capabilities. There is also a 10-map limit so you may need to delete maps pretty regularly to download new ones, depending on how your trip is planned.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

13) Wikilok


If you enjoy outdoor adventures, you need to download Wikilok! It has all the maps you need for various different types of outdoor activities, from hiking, to ice climbing, and more!

The app can help you plan outdoor activities in advance if you search the area you’ll be traveling to, and then help you navigate the trail once you have arrived.

If you are a solo-hiker the app’s live tracking feature, (available with the premium subscription), is a helpful safety feature because it will share your live location to friends or family.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

14) LoungeBuddy


LoungeBuddy is a necessary app if you are going to have a long layover at an airport.

The app will tell you everything you need to know about the lounges that are available along with their location. 

You can check which lounges you have access to directly in the app or see which lounges offer day passes and compare prices.

👉 Download for iOS

15) Meetup


Meetup is a great app to use if you want to get social and meet people while traveling.

You can search for events that fit your interests from pub quizzes to fitness classes. Some of the events charge a small fee but there are also plenty of free options.

You will need to make an account and RSVP to the events, they can fill up quickly if they are popular and you may end up on a waiting list.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

16) CouchSurfing


If you are looking to meet locals and don’t mind sleeping in a stranger’s home, CouchSurfing is a great way to find cheap overnight accommodation while traveling. 

The app connects you with local hosts. You can browse through hosts to see who a good fit might be, and who has good reviews so you know you will be safe.

Similar to Meetup, CouchSurfing now offers events hosted by locals, which can be a great way to meet people and get an insider’s perspective on the places you are traveling to.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

17) Tourlina


No boys allowed! Tourlina is an app to connect women with a passion for traveling.

You do have to become a member to use the service, but once you are a member it will allow you to search for a travel buddy based on your itinerary and mutual interests. 

It can also connect you with local women at your destination who are keen to meet up and share their hometowns.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

18) OpenTable


Looking for a great place to eat? OpenTable allows you to search for restaurants that have an open table for your party. You can even make reservations directly in the app.

I personally like going through OpenTable to find places for dinner while traveling. It narrows down your choices, compared to searching through Google Maps and saves you from restaurant FOMO.

OpenTable is most useful in the US right now, but more international destinations are starting to use it too, so go ahead and check, especially if you are traveling to major international cities like Hong Kong or Frankfurt.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

19) Worldpackers


Worldpackers connects travelers who want to make a positive impact on the world with various different organizations who are looking for volunteers. The app also can help you find work exchanges and hosts.

This is a membership-based app, so you will have to pay a fee to use the app. They do have an extensive support team and insurance options. So you can get any money you’ve spent back if something with a host or volunteer opportunity falls through.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

20) Withlocals


Withlocals is another platform that connects travelers with local guides who can show you around the cities you are visiting, or even take you out on day trips. 

One of the cool features that Withlocals offers that sets it apart from some of the other tour apps is the chat function that allows you to chat with locals and ask them for tips.

These tours do cost money, but they are fully private and generally provide you with any equipment you may need, like bikes.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

21) GPS My City

GPS My City

If you want to get a city tour on a budget, GPS My City will set you up with self-guided walking tours.

I first heard about this app from my aunt but tried it out on a recent trip to Lisbon and loved it. I learned so much about the history of Lisbon that I would have missed without this app.

It’s also useful for navigating around and can be used offline.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

22) TripIt


TirpIt is for the travelers among us who like to plan their trips and keep everything organized. It allows you to import your travel details, build itineraries, and even keeps all your travel documents in one place.

I also love using the app to look back on past trips to help me remember everything I did.

👉 Download for Android | iOS

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