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Do Flight Attendants Need a College Degree?

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Many people think the work of a flight attendant is only serving beverages and food. Well, while we do serve food and beverages, we do much more than that.

Some of the duties of a flight attendant include enforcing regulations, explaining safety procedures, handling emergencies, and giving first aid.

The job of a flight attendant is highly demanding, but it comes with many benefits, which is why it attracts many applicants.

According to data, more than 50,000 prospective flight attendants applied for 400 openings at one carrier. As a result, many people have been asking me if flight attendants need a college degree for this job.

In this guide, I will share some tips on how to become a flight attendant, how long is flight attendant school, and the requirements to be a flight attendant.

Do I Need a College Degree to Become a Flight Attendant?

You do not need a college degree to be a flight attendant. This job is open to almost all, and you do not need to be within the four walls of a college to apply for it.

If hired, the airline will train you and give you all the education you need for the job.

You will get the right lesson, course, and knowledge you need for the job.

Can You Become a Flight Attendant Without a Degree?

Yes, you can become a flight attendant without having a college degree.

However, I always tell flight attendant aspirants that having a college degree will give them more advantages in their careers.

Having a degree will give you a competitive edge because airlines give more preference to applicants with more education.

In addition to giving you a competitive edge, it would also provide you with more options if you decide to switch jobs in the aviation industry later on in your career.

This applies to several other fields and industries. A college degree will always give you an edge over others.

According to writers from Edubirdie, students who add university education to their resume have a higher chance of getting a job.

Having a college degree means the student has gotten a level of exposure by getting lessons, online courses, attending classes, and getting assignment help from experienced tutors.

This level of academic exposure is what many employees are looking for, including airlines.

Hence, while you can become a flight attendant without a college degree, you would be able to get the job much faster and secure it for a long time when you have a college degree.

You do not need any particular major college degree to get this job, but one closely related to customer service or travel will give you an advantage. This might include public relations, communications, tourism, and hospitality.

The Basic Requires to Be a Flight Attendant

The fundamental requirement of becoming a flight attendant has a high school diploma. An equivalent of a high school diploma would also work. The minimum age requirement for this job is also 18 years of age.

You also have to meet the height and weight requirements and pass a medical examination.

For the height requirements, you would need to be tall enough to reach the overhead bins. You are also required to present a pleasing personality and a well-groomed appearance.

International carriers also require their flight attendants to be fluent in both English and another language. Some carriers might even require you to have previous customer service experience.

Pros of Having a College Degree

A college degree is not required to apply for a flight attendant job, but having one will give you more advantages.

Some of the advantages of having a college degree include:

  • Competitive Advantage: When applying for flight attendant jobs, people with education, quality academic background, and college degree have more advantages than those that do not have. An airline would likely give the job to an applicant with at least some college exposure or experience.
  • More Job Options: When you finally get the job as a flight attendant, you might want to consider other jobs or positions with the airline. For instance, you might want to become a manager of flight attendants, take advantage of some training opportunities, or manage other opportunities in the airline or aviation industry.
  • Work with Private Jet Companies with Ease: Another major advantage of a college degree is that it comes in handy in securing a job with private jet companies as a corporate flight attendant. This is a highly beneficial and competitive sector that many people want to be in. All the aspirants I have met want to be in this position, but you can only be in this sector quickly and without too much hassle when you have a college degree. Most of these private aviation firms require a minimum of five years of experience in corporate aviation or high-end services and a Bachelor’s Degree.

Cons of Pursuing a College Degree

There are many reasons why many people do not have a college degree, and they usually skip it and go straight to being a flight attendant. Some of the reasons why many people who do not have a college degree skip it during their application are:

  • Expensive: A college degree does not come cheap. Earning a college degree would cost you about $50,000 to $250,000. This is a whole lot of money, and many people are avoiding spending such an amount if it is not required.
  • Time-Consuming: It also takes a lot of hard work and time to get into college. Being a full-time student is not easy, as it takes a lot of time and commitment. It takes about four to five years to get a college degree. Four to five years of commitment, writing academic papers, attending classes, assignments, and more.

Is It Better to Join a Flight Attendant School?

It is not necessary to attend a flight attendant school. However, I believe joining a flight attendant school will also give you an edge.

This school will prepare you for what to expect and most of the things you need to know about the job. It will also prepare you for the interview, the airline course, as well as the job itself.

Many prospective flight attendants go to schools that offer special programs for flight attendants. The amazing thing about these schools is that you do not have to spend a lot of time and money attending them. Most of them only take a couple of weeks or months to complete.

Rather than spending four to five years in colleges, many people prefer going to flight attendant schools, as they will not spend a lot of money and time there.

Another great benefit with flight attendant schools is that many of them have agreements with major airlines to help you secure a job much faster once you are done with the program.

Hence, attending a flight attendant school will pave the way for you to start your career as a flight attendant much quicker. They will get you interviews and teach you how to convert those opportunities.

Final Thoughts

A college degree is not a mandatory requirement for becoming a flight attendant. You can apply for this job without a college degree.

However, having a college gives you some advantages over those that do not have. Airlines prefer hiring someone with some college experience.

Hence, I highly recommend having a college degree, as it is one of the best, fastest ways to get this job.

Attending a flight attendant training program will also give you an edge, as most of them have connections that will help you secure a job much faster.

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