16 Laptop-Friendly Cafés to Work/Study in Barcelona (+ Map)

Known for its timeless architecture, and vibrant cafes, Barcelona is a cultural haven for travelers hungry for experience and digital nomads seeking work-friendly spaces.

There’s a wide selection of cafes in the city, from cozy neighborhood spots to modern picks with Instagram-worthy interiors.

So if you’re a student, a remote worker or a freelancer looking for local cafes with speedy Wi-Fi connections and power outlets, check out my list of laptop-friendly cafes to work in Barcelona.

Here is where these cafes are located on a map:

No time to read it all? Here are my favorites:


1. Laie Llibreria


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📍 Address: C/ de Pau Claris, 85, 08010 Barcelona

Laie Llibreria, a bookstore and cafe in one, is an excellent place to work with your laptop. The cafe has free Wi-Fi but limited power outlets. I suggest you visit in the morning so you can find a good spot.

While you’re there, you’ll enjoy the cozy, artsy, spacious interior and order delicious Spanish and Mediterranean dishes.

They also serve pastry and coffee, and their croissants are one of the most well-loved items on their menu.


Main course with desserts or coffee starts at €17

Why I Like This Place?

As a bookworm, working in a space surrounded by massive shelves filled with books gets my creative juices oozing. Plus, the cafe is quiet, so it helps you concentrate.



2. Federal Cafe Gotic


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📍 Addresses: Ptge. de la Pau, 11, 08002 Barcelona and C/ del Parlament, 39, 08015 Barcelona

A good spot for brunch and coworking, Federal Cafe offers a wide selection of food, from breakfast options and vegetarian food to dinner dishes and coffee.

The Wi-Fi is free. However, there are select tables dedicated to laptop use and the power outlets are limited.


  • Cafe latte starts at €2.20
  • Fluffy pancakes start at €8.90

Why I Like This Place?

The place is pet-friendly and accessible for wheelchairs. Most of all, the service is fast, and the food is exceptional!

Additionally, their cafe latte isn’t only rich and creamy but features interesting art you’ll surely like, too.



3. Alsur Cafe and Backdoor Bar

📍 Address: Carrer de la Ribera, 18, 08003 Barcelona

Less than a half kilometer away from Zoo de Barcelona is Alsur Cafe and Backdoor Bar.

The place has a colorful interior with hanging light bulbs and a brick wall. Most importantly, it’s work-friendly, with several power outlets and a free Wi-Fi connection.


  • Espresso €1.60
  • Chocolate and Dulce de Leche €5

Why I Like This Place?

Their dessert selection (carrot cake, red velvet, cheesecake) will keep you coming back for more.



4. Lulu and Flyn


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📍 Address: Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera, 7, 08003 Barcelona

Lulu and Flyn has a quiet atmosphere, and its menu mainly comprises brunch options. It also features a bricked wall interior, and I love how the cafe gets plenty of natural lighting, which sets the mood for getting some work done.

However, there’s one note here. While there’s Wi-Fi and working with your laptop is allowed, it’s only for shared tables.


  • Coffee starts at €1.50
  • Avocado toast €8.50

Why I like this place?

They have a great vibe, numerous healthy food choices, and delicious smoothies.



5. Hidden Coffee Roasters – El Born

📍 Address: Carrer dels Canvis Vells, 10, 08003 Barcelona

Located along the medieval streets of El Born, Hidden Coffee features a clean, cozy interior. If you’re a specialty coffee fan, it’s a must-visit!

While Wi-Fi is free and power outlets are accessible, there are tables dedicated to laptop use alone, so be sure to ask the staff first.

There have 2 other locations: one in Les Corts and one in Vía Trajana.


  • Brewed coffee starts at €2.20
  • Matcha latte €3.20

Why I Like This Place?

Aside from their delicious coffee (their ‘fermented espresso’ is funky and a must-try) and mini cakes, they have vegan options.



6. Green & Berry


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📍 Address: C. d’Enric Granados, 153, 08008 Barcelona

In Green & Berry, the refreshing ambiance of the coffee shop compliments its selection of healthy and vegan food.

It’s a good pick for remote workers or students since it has reliable and fast Wi-Fi connectivity as well.

That said, the place is bustling during the lunchtime, especially on weekends. You should visit with your laptop on weekday mornings if you want a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.


  • Cold-pressed juices start at €5.95
  • Smoothies start at €6.95

Why I Like This Place?

Studies suggest that eating healthy increases productivity. So if you’re feeling lazy and need an extra boost, I highly recommend this spot. And their match tea 😉



7. Slow Mov


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📍 Address: C/ de Luis Antúnez, 18, 08006 Barcelona

Situated in the charming neighborhood of Gracia, where you get to enjoy the sights of the Bohemian lifestyle, Slow Mov is famous for its delightful pastry and specialty coffee.

Thankfully, they offer free Wi-Fi and have power outlets available too.


  • Matcha latte €3.10
  • Espresso €1.82 to €2.40

Why I Like This Place?

This cafe lives up to its name—good music, relaxing vibes, and a fresh interior. If you ask me, it’s the perfect place to boost creativity!



8. FabCafe


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📍 Address: C/ de Bailèn, 11, 08010 Barcelona

FabCafe is both a coworking space and a good place for recreation. They host events and workshops all year round, so it’s an interesting opportunity to meet fellow professionals.

Wi-Fi and power outlets shouldn’t be an issue here.


Coffee starts at €2

Why I Like This Place?

The servers and staff are kind and approachable. Plus, their yogurts and breakfast options are more reasons why this is one of my go-to cafes.



9. Taranna Cafe

📍 Address: Carrer de Fluvià, 47, 08019 Barcelona

Taranna is a popular brunch cafe that offers Wi-Fi and accessible power outlets. They’re also famous for their heathly menu and have plenty of options for vegetarians as well as vegans..

Their quiche and homemade cakes live up to the hype, too.


  • Hummus €4.50
  • Brunch meals start at €6.80

Why I Like This Place?

The place has outdoor seating and gets sunny in the morning. While it might be a disadvantage to some, I love working surrounded by all that warmth and sunshine!



10. Morrow Coffee


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📍 Address: Av. Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes 403 Barcelona

Morrow Cafe offers a reliable Wi-Fi connection and plenty of power outlets, making it a lovely space for digital nomads and work-from-home individuals.

At the same time, Morrow Coffee serves specialty coffee and tasty pastries you’ll surely love.

However, the place gets crowded during weekends, so you might want to come as early as 8:30 am to save yourself a good spot.


  • Coffee starts at €1.90
  • Pastries start at €3.20

Why I Like This Place?

The baristas are nice and accommodating. Plus, they roast their own beans in the shop and it’s is pet-friendly!



11. Sopa Barcelona


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📍 Address: Carrer de Roc Boronat, 114, 08018 Barcelona

Another pet-friendly option is Sopa Barcelona, with its well-lit, airy, and relaxed interior. It also has plenty of wall sockets and free Wi-Fi.

However, as a policy, laptops aren’t allowed during lunch to make room for people coming in to eat. So, it’s best to avoid lunchtime if you want to work or study long hours.


  • Ensalada starts at €6
  • Vegan soup starts €5.90

Why I Like This Place?

From delicious lunches to desserts, this place is remarkable for serving good-quality and tasty vegetarian food at a reasonable price!



12. Liadisimo

📍 Address: Carrer de Guillem Tell, 23-25, 08006 Barcelona

This cafe sits in a quieter neighborhood, has plenty of wall sockets, and offers free Wi-Fi.  One thing that stands out about Liadisimo is its outdoor seating in a beautiful garden setting.


  • Sandwiches start at €4
  • Frappes start at €3.50

Why I Like This Place?

I love the calm ambiance and working with the sight of plants—something about it inspires me to be more productive.

I also love how the interior is quite spacious, with subtle lighting that gives you a relaxed feeling.



13. Three Marks Coffee

📍 Address: C/ d’Ausiàs Marc, 151, 08013 Barcelona

Also located in a quiter area, this coffee shop features modern architecture with a touch of minimalism. It has plenty of space, including outdoor seating and a quiet upstairs space for working individuals.

Three Marks Coffee also offers Wi-Fi access and power outlets to charge your device. Still, it’s important to note that the cafe has a laptop-free policy on weekends.


  • Chai latte €3.50
  • Iced matcha €4.70

Why I Like This Place?

The flat white and granola bowls are what I loved most about the coffee shop. At the same time, the cafe has ambient lighting and is nice for taking Instagram-worthy pictures.



14. Frizzant


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📍 Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 692, 08010 Barcelona

A cafe and yoga studio in one, Frizzant is a comfortable and quiet spot for work and creativity. It’s no wonder the interior is soothing with all its bright, beige colors and greenery.


  • Drinks start at €3
  • Sandwiches and burritos start at €12

Why I Like This Place?

The place is wholesome! From the menu to music and interaction with people, everything is pleasant and puts you in the mood for work.



15. SandwiChez

📍 Address: Gran Via De Les Corts Catalanes, 403, 08015 Barcelona

Another popular spot for digital nomads is SandwiChez, with its spacious interior and affordable food options. There, you’ll find fast Wi-Fi and numerous power outlets too.

The interior is very relaxed and bright, with plenty of natural light. You might also enjoy the big windows with a view of the city’s bustling streets.

There are 26 Sandwichez spread across the city.


  • Quinoa bowl €6.20
  • Sandwiches start at €2.65

Why I Like This Place?

SandwiChez’s coffee and bagels are top-tier! If you’re not a coffee person, they have a selection of healthy fruit juices too.

Plus, salads and sandwiches are made fresh daily, so it’s a good spot for brunch!



16. Starbucks, Vivari and 365


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While there are quite a few Starbucks in Barcelona, Vivari and 365 chains are abundant throughout the city.

Similar to Starbucks but with a local twist, Vivari and 365 are bakeries with modern and stylish interiors, offering mostly coffee, sandwiches, and pastries.

Vivari and 365 are relatively affordable compared to Starbucks.

They provide free Wi-Fi and some electrical outlets in a clean and air-conditioned environment.

Most of them have a terrace that locals often flock to, enjoying their cafe con leche with friends at any time of the day.

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