19 Laptop-Friendly Cafés to Work/Study in Berlin (With Map)

Looking for the ideal spot in Berlin to study or work on your laptop over a coffee or brunch?

Berlin’s cafés offer the perfect blend of reliable Wi-Fi, reasonable prices, and a great atmosphere.

Whether you’re a student, a freelancer or a traveler needing a workspace, I’ve got you covered with some of the best places to settle in for a productive session.

Here’s where the cafes of this list are located on a map:


1. St. Oberholz

📍 Rosenthaler Str. 72a, 10119 Berlin (the original one and most comfortable)
📍 Zehdenicker Str. 1, 10119 Berlin
📍 Torstraße 49, 10119 Berlin

Since its opening in 2005, St. Oberholz has established itself as a haven for digital nomads.

It has a stable WiFi connection, but the staff gives you access for only one hour.

So, if you plan on staying all day, we recommend getting the 10-hour access for €18.

You don’t need to worry about your laptop running out of battery, as the place offers numerous outlets.

Why I Like This Place

With a soothing atmosphere and gorgeous architecture, it offers a great environment to work in. Combine that with the friendly staff, and you’ll want to stay all day.


Compared to what it offers, St. Oberholz is quite affordable:

  • Espresso: €2.90
  • Cappuccino: €3.90
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich: €6.80



2. Erchy’s


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📍 Choriner Str. 84, 10119 Berlin

A small place with excellent service, this trendy café is perfect to work remotely in.

The flowery decorations create an inviting environment that helps you become more productive.

Not only does it offer a laptop-friendly section, but it also provides stable WiFi and plenty of outlets to charge your devices.

It doesn’t allow laptops during the weekends, but that’s standard procedure in various cafés in Berlin.

Why I Like This Place

If you’re interested, the café offers unique jewelry with artistic designs.


Of course, a café with such a zen atmosphere would never overcharge you for a cup of coffee:

  • Minze Tea: €3.50
  • Cappuccino: €3.70
  • Chilli Sin Carne: €11.50



3. Wayne’s Coffee

📍 Georgenstraße 14 – 18, 10117 Berlin

No, Bruce Wayne isn’t the owner of this café, although it gives off the same luxurious vibes.

The café combines elegance and coziness, offering a suitable atmosphere to get some work done.

It’s located under a train track, but that won’t distract you from enjoying the experience.

Not only does it provide plenty of outlets, but you also get free WiFi.

Why I Like This Place

Lots of vegan food and organic products. The staff is friendly and attentive, which makes the experience more pleasant.


Wayne’s Coffee’s drinks are as affordable as it gets:

  • Espresso: €1.99
  • Cappuccino: €3.19
  • Flat White: €4.49



4. Father Carpenter

📍 Münzstraße 21, 10178 Berlin

With a strategic location and great food, a few cafés can get you to enter work mode like Father Carpenter.

With fancy tiles and gorgeous paintings, Father Carpenter combines elegance and authenticity. Since it’s quite famous, we recommend reserving a table before going.

More importantly, it provides everything you need for a productive day, from free WiFi to power outlets.

A word of warning: The café doesn’t allow laptops on weekends or when the place is full.

Why I Like This Place

The comfortable, picturesque courtyard adds to the café’s soothing vibes, and it offers a welcoming environment that only a few cafés can match.


Father Carpenter’s prices are competitive:

  • Regular-sized Cappuccino: €2.90
  • Americano: €3.20
  • Banana Bread with Sides: €5 (a best seller)



5. Neumann’s Café


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📍 Gabriel-Max-Straße 18, 10245 Berlin

Neumann’s café offers an authentic Berlin experience, with a comfortable environment that helps get your creative juices going.

The friendly staff offers a welcoming environment, and the decorations are visually intriguing.

With a laptop-friendly section, including free WiFi and power outlets, Neumann’s is a haven for freelancers to get their work done.

If you need a change of scenery, you can always switch to the outside tables and get some fresh air.

Why I Like This Place

It offers a unique gourmet experience with a diverse menu and delicious brunch. I recommend their sourdough sandwiches.


Neumann’s prices are nothing out of the ordinary:

  • Espresso: €2
  • Cappuccino: €2.90
  • Strammer Max: €10.50



6. Café AU Lait

📍 Kantstraße 110, 10627 Berlin

Despite the French name, Café au Liat is one of Berlin’s most coveted cafés, with good reason.

Not only does it offer a strong internet connection and numerous outlets to charge your devices, but it also has a modern decor with plenty of greenery.

Why I Like This Place

The food is delicious (with a few vegan options), and Its location is strategic. You can take a short walk to the Suarezstraße and view various antiques and treasures.


It’s a bit pricey compared to other cafés on this list:

  • Cappuccino (standard): €3.80
  • Espresso (standard): €2.90
  • Caesar Salad: €11



7. Espresso House

While all Espresso House’s branches have a solid WiFi connection, you’ll find the best ones at:

📍 Schönhauser Allee 116, 10439 Berlin
📍 Gartenstraße 85-87, 10115 Berlin
📍 Chausseestraße 22, 10115 Berlin
📍 Friedrichstraße 230, 10969 Berlin

Espresso House is one of Berlin’s top cafés to work and study. Is it worth it, though? Yes, it is.

It’s spacious and comfortable, with visually-appealing decorations.

It offers tables of various sizes if you want to work alone or in groups.

It provides plenty of power outlets and free WiFi, which you can use for up to six hours.

Why I Like This Place

The menu is diverse, and you can find a few vegan options. The staff is friendly, efficient, and quick to address any problems you might come across.


It’s a bit pricier than its competitors:

  • Cappuccino (400 ml): €5.20
  • Vanilla Latte (400 ml): €6.15
  • Chocolate Muffin: €4.10



8. Café Ku’damm

📍Kurfürstendamm 104, 10711 Berlin

Ku’damm (or Kurfurstendam) is one of Berlin’s most iconic avenues, so you better believe this café lives up to its reputation.

Ku’damm offers the perfect atmosphere to get some work done.

You get a strong WiFi connection, and a wall of outlets to charge your laptop.

The venue is spacious, and the decorations offer a cozy atmosphere.

Why I Like This Place

The staff is friendly, the menu is diverse, and the bagels and benedict eggs are delicious.


Ku’damm stands halfway between cheap and expensive:

  • Cappuccino: €3.40
  • Flat White: €4
  • Egg Benedict: €10.50



9. Michelberger Hotel Café

📍 Warschauer Str. 39-40, 10243 Berlin

Don’t worry. You don’t have to check in to try the hotel’s café. The staff accepts guests and outsiders alike.

Michelberger is quite fancy, and its decorations are more luxurious than most cafés on this list.

With fast, reliable WiFi that reaches outside the hotel, you can work or study in the courtyard if you want. If you need to use the outlets, though, you have to move to the tables near the bar.

Why I Like This Place

The courtyard is lively and offers fresh air during the summer. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming. Breakfast is fresh and has lots of vegan options.


Michelberger’s prices are more standard than you might think:

  • Espresso: €2.80
  • Cappuccino: €3.50
  • Earl Grey: €4



10. Calm Coffee

📍 Wühlischstraße 38, 10245 Berlin

As the name suggests, Calm Coffee offers a sense of tranquility that helps you get in the zone.

The decorations are artistic, with plenty of greenery.

The WiFi is fast and reliable, although you have to order something every hour to keep using the Wi-Fi. There are a few power outlets to charge your laptop. Laptops are not allowed on weekends.

Why I Like This Place

Outdoor seatings offer a nice view. The food is delicious, and a few of the menu’s items change during different seasons.


It’s not the cheapest option on this list, but you won’t have to sell a kidney to buy a drink:

  • Latte Macchiato: €4.50
  • Cappuccino: €3
  • Matcha Latte: €5



11. Blumental

📍 Engeldamm 64, 10179 Berlin

Blumental is everything a laptop-friendly café should be, combining a visually appealing space and a professional work environment.

The brick front is elegant, and the venue is spacious and cozy, with bright, colorful furniture.

The WiFi is reliable, and you get plenty of power outlets.

Why I Like This Place

Except for the optional egg breakfast, the menu is mostly vegan. There’s plenty of greenery, offering a warm, welcoming atmosphere.


You can get a good meal if you have a few euros on you:

  • Cappuccino: €3.50
  • Pink Pancakes: €8.90
  • Grilled Mushrooms: €12.50



12. The Store X Berlin

📍 Torstraße 1, 10119 Berlin

Store X is a concept store that sells clothes, books, jewelry, etc. However, there’s a café on the ground floor that offers a surprisingly pleasant experience.

The café is big, modern, with bold colors and fancy furniture. It offers fast WiFi and numerous power outlets, so you won’t find any trouble working there.

Why I Like This Place

The café offers delicious food and refreshing drinks. You can also take a break from working by browsing the store.


The food is a bit pricey, but the drinks are average:

  • Espresso: €3.50
  • Cappuccino: €3.80
  • Croissant: €2.80



13. The Greens

📍 Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin

As the name suggests, the Greens café aims to provide a cozy environment with plenty of greenery.

The vibrant plants and wooden furniture offer a unique color balance, creating a soothing environment suitable for a long workday.

The power outlets are limited, as the place is fairly small, but the WiFi is strong and stable.

Why I Like This Place

If you’ve grown to like any of their plants, you can offer to buy them. For a small place, the menu is diverse, with a few vegan options.


The Greens prices are fairly standard:

  • Espresso: €2.30
  • Cappuccino: €3.30
  • Brownie: €3.50



14. Schankwirtschaft Laidak

📍 Boddinstraße 42/43, 12053 Berlin

With comfortable seats and colorful walls, Schankwirtschaft Laidak offers a cozy atmosphere similar to that of a familiar home.

It’s not as spacious as other cafés, but the limited space adds to the cozy feeling of the place. It offers free, stable WiFi and several power outlets.

Why I Like This Place

The high ceilings add to the grandeur of the café, and the surrounding books offer a warm atmosphere.


Schankwirtschaft is great if you want to get great drinks for cheap:

  • Espresso: €2.20
  • Cappuccino: €2.20


(1) Laidak | Facebook

15. Stilbruch Kaffee

📍 Rechts, Revaler Str. 9, 10245 Berlin

When you enter Stilbruch Kaffee for the first time, you’ll be hit by the complementary blues and browns that offer unique aesthetics. Don’t worry. The service is as good as the decorations.

It’s a cozy café with friendly staff and delicious food.

You’ll have access to stable WiFi and multiple power outlets.

Why I Like This Place

The location is strategic, and there’s plenty of outdoor seating if you want a change of scenery.


Let’s just say that a nice breakfast won’t cost you much:

  • Cappuccino: €2.70
  • Espresso Macchiato: €2
  • Croissant: €2.30



16. Mo’s Coffee

📍 Stargarder Str. 45, 10347 Berlin

One thing that makes Mo’s Coffee stand out is that the staff will always greet you with a smile.

Mo’s decorations are simple and elegant, with an intriguing color combination.

You get free, reliable WiFi and a few power outlets to charge your devices.

Why I Like This Place

It’s cozy, quiet, with friendly staff and delicious food.


Don’t worry. Mo’s won’t charge you much for a drink:

  • Espresso (single): €1.60
  • Cappuccino (small): €2.50
  • NY Cheesecake: €4.10



17. KleinMein Coffee & Coworking

📍 Waldeyerstraße 9, 10247 Berlin

KleinMein combines the coziness of a café and the efficiency of a professional work environment.

KleinMein’s setup isn’t too pizzazzy, but that simplicity suits the purpose of the space.

For €15, you can stay all day, with access to stable WiFi and power outlets.

Why I Like This Place

It’s built with remote workers in mind, providing a quieter environment than other cafés on this list.


Besides the price of the space, KleinMein offers affordable food and drinks:

  • Espresso (standard): €1.80
  • Cappuccino (standard): €3
  • Blueberry White Chocolate Cake: €4



18. Coffee Lab Kaiserhöfe

📍 Unter den Linden 28a, 10117 Berlin

As the name suggests, the owners of Coffee Lab have solved all the necessary equations and math problems to create the perfect café for remote workers.

It’s small, cozy, with a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance.

You get stable WiFi and enough power outlets for a long workday.

Why I Like This Place

The staff is friendly, the food is delicious, and the greenery is refreshing. Plus, you gotta try playing that fun Pac-Man machine, it’s free!


Coffee Lab’s prices are straightforward:

  • Espresso: €1.90
  • Cappuccino (standard): €2.80
  • Flat White: €3.50



19. Cuccuma


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📍 Zossener Str. 34, 10961 Berlin

If you’re searching for a cozy place with a nice view, Cuccuma is the place to go.

With its cozy vibes, the second floor is allowed to work from. Unfortunately, not all the seats have outlets in them, but the WiFi is stable, fast, and free.

Why I Like This Place

You get delicious food and a balcony that offers a great view.


It’s not the most affordable place on this list:

  • Cappuccino: €4.90
  • Latte: €4.20



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