20 Laptop-Friendly Cafés to Work/Study in Paris (With Map)

Are you a freelancer, digital nomad, remote worker looking or student for a suitable cafe in Paris to work or study from? This post will guide you on this!

In this article, I’ll provide you with a list of my favorite laptop-friendly cafés in Paris.

Here’s where these cafes are located on a map:


1. Nomade Café


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📍 8 Rue Paul Bert, 75011 Paris

Nomade café is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for remote workers or freelancers to do focused work. You’ll find a lot of remote workers all around the cafe.

The cafe has modern vibes and welcoming, friendly staff. It offers free Wi-Fi and easy access to ample power outlets.

The cafe serves a wide variety of beverage options as well as some pastry and brunch choices.

In addition, you can select between different seating options, from small tables to large ones or even couches.

Why I Like This Place:

  • A considerably quiet and calm place with a relaxing ambiance
  • You can work in the outdoor area (it’s a pedestrian street)


  • Latte €4
  • Croissant €1.50
  • Brunch €20


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2. Columbus Cafe & Co

📍 21 Rue Soufflot, 75005 Paris

Columbus Café & Co is a warm and friendly destination where you can work long hours without distractions.

At this cafe, you can pick a seat outside or inside and start working on your tasks. Nonetheless, to have quick access to power sockets, you need to stay in the inside area.

The place’s menu includes various options for all preferences, including vegan and vegetarian choices.

They also serve a variety of delectable coffee options you can enjoy while working. The cafe has plenty of power outlets and provides free high-speed Wi-Fi.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Offers super tasty pastries, especially muffins
  • Has friendly staff and fast service
  • Cheaper than Starbucks


  • Latte: €4.60
  • Pastries start at €3.10

Other locations:

  • 53 rue de Passy Centre commercial Passy Plaza, 75016 Paris
  • 56 Bd Diderot, 75012 Paris
  • Métro Hotel de Ville Ligne 1 sortie 6, 75004 Paris
  • 193 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris
  • 17 Bd de Vaugirard voie n°18, 75015 Paris
  • 46 Bd Henri IV, 75004 Paris
  • 103 Rue La Fayette, 75010 Paris


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3. Malongo


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📍 50 Rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006 Paris

Have a fun and productive working day in Malongo cafe’s quiet and nice atmosphere. You can sit there for hours concentrating on the work at hand.

You’ll find many remote workers working there as well. The cafe provides reliable high-speed Wi-Fi and a bunch of power sockets.

You can work there as much as you need on weekdays while enjoying a coffee or pastry from the cafe’s extensive menu.

Nonetheless, working there isn’t allowed on weekends due to the high traffic in the cafe at that time.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Provides a wide selection of perfectly-prepared organic beverages and fair-trade coffee
  • The place is tranquil and comfortable


  • Latte: €3.50
  • Beverage and pastry: €5.90


Malongo’s website

4. Le Pure Café


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📍 14 Rue Jean-Macé, 75011 Paris

If you’ve watched the movie “Before Sunset,” you’ll be familiar with this cafe as it was one of the film locations.

Le Pure café is a small coffee shop offering free Wi-Fi with excellent coffee and pastries.

You can sit there for hours working on your laptop, surrounded by the place’s fantastic decor and cool ambiance.

However, we’d recommend you pick a seat in the corner to access power outlets easily.

The place is off the main road, which makes it quiet and suitable for focused work.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Offers prompt service
  • The old Parisian bistro setting
  • Has impressively comfortable seating


Plat du Jour: €11.50


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5. Léandrés

📍 78 Rue de Maubeuge, 75009 Paris

A cheerful staff will welcome you to Léandrés cafe, where you can sit, turn on your laptop and engage in a long working session.

The place has high-speed Wi-Fi and a plethora of power outlets to charge your laptop easily.

You can order your favorite beverage or food from an extensive menu to enjoy them while completing your tasks.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Offers top-notch colombian foods and beverages
  • Has an impressively cozy decor and atmosphere


  • Latte: €5
  • Pastries start at €2.50


LÉANDRÉS’ website

6. Residence Kann Coffee Shop


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📍 28 Rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris

This cafe offers a charming atmosphere near Canal Saint Martin.

With a cozy indoor space and a tranquil back room, it caters to laptop users seeking both focus and ambiance.

While laptops are allowed, it’s not overrun by work, ensuring a balanced environment.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Quality lattes, delectable pastries, and welcoming staff.
  • Relaxed yet productive setting


  • Latte: €4.50
  • Empanadas €4


Residence kann coffee shop

7. Pret A Manger


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📍 49 Bd Saint-Michel, 75005 Paris

The classic Pret-A-Manger sandwich shop is another place that will give you a satisfying working experience.

This branch is two stories high. Both levels are quiet enough for a focused working session.

The place has free Wi-Fi and many sockets to charge your devices.

Notice: The café kindly requests that you turn off your laptop between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Offers excellent service
  • Has many vegan options


  • Latte: €3.75
  • Breakfast starts at €2.90

Other locations:

  • 110 Avenue de France, 75013 Paris
  • 39 Rue Mstislav Rostropovitch, 75017 Paris
  • 39-51 Avenue Pierre Mendès-France, 75013 Paris
  • 10 Place de Budapest, 75009 Paris
  • 66 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris
  • Place Louis-Armand, 75012 Paris
  • 17 Boulevard de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris
  • 22 Avenue d’Italie, 75013 Paris
  • 45 Rue La Fayette, 75009 Paris
  • 34-36 Rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris
  • 25-27 Rue Duphot, 75008 Paris
  • 15 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris
  • 58 Avenue Marceau, 75008 Paris
  • 123 Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris
  • 31 Avenue de l’Opéra, 75002 Paris
  • 91 Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris
  • 11 Rue de Sèze, 75009 Paris
  • 75 Rue Saint-Lazare, 75009 Paris
  • 34 Rue Tronchet, 75009 Paris


Pret A Manger

8. Le Grand Breguet

📍 17 R. Bréguet, 75011 Paris

Le Grand Breguet is a large cafe with exquisite colorful decor where you can have hours of deep work.

The place has cool vibes and comfortable seating.

It also offers free ultra-speed WI-FI and a plethora of power sockets to make your working process a breeze.

In addition, it has a diverse menu of superior beverages and foods you can pick from.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Enjoyable vibes and experience
  • Large quiet outdoor terace
  • A variety of vegan options, organic food


  • Beverages start at €2
  • Desserts start at €3


Le Grand Breguet on Facebook

9. Loustic Cafe

📍 40 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris

Once you get to Loustic cafe, you’ll be amazed by the unique Interiors and style. It’s a great place to pull out your laptop and work on comfortable chairs or cozy couches.

You can also enjoy superior-quality coffee while working in this quiet atmosphere. The cafe offers free Wi-Fi that you can rely on.

That said, you need to avoid going there for work at lunchtime, as they don’t allow the use of laptops during that time.

In addition, there are limited sockets in the place. So it’s better to have an external battery charger or to fully charge your laptop before starting to work there.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Provides coffee and pastries of top-notch quality
  • Highly professional and friendly staff


  • Latte: €4.50
  • Tart: €6


Loustic Cafe on Instagram

10. La Recyclerie


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📍 83 Bd Ornano, 75018 Paris

La Recyclerie is a gigantic eco-friendly cafe and restaurant. It’s a venue that combines a café, a restaurant, a bar, and a workshop space.

Away from lunch hours, you can have a quiet working session in this place while enjoying its green view and cool vibes.

La Recyclerie offers an extensive menu of organic food and beverages to order from.

You’ll have comfortable seats, reliable Wi-Fi, and easy access to many power outlets in this place.

Why I Like This Place:

  • The large garden and green view
  • The wide selection of menu options
  • The focus on sustainability, recycling, and eco-friendly practices.


  • Coffee + Pastry: €3
  • Main dish + Dessert + Coffee: €14.90


CAFÉ-CANTINE – La REcyclerie

11. Mignon Café


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📍 67 Rue Caulaincourt, 75018 Paris

Mignon café is a small cozy place with a nice and quiet atmosphere. You can order one of their amazing high-quality menu items and spend a few hours or even an entire day working.

The cafe offers free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating. It has cool vibes, and the staff is super helpful and friendly.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Their french toasts are the best
  • Offers many vegan and vegetarian choices


  • Latte: €4.50
  • Breakfast starts at €7


Mignon Café on Instagram

12. Kozy Kanopé


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📍 46 Rue La Fayette, 75009 Paris

Kozy Kanopé is a restaurant and cafe with an impressively pleasant atmosphere. The place is spacious and has a variety of tables to choose what best suits you.

It offers high-speed Wi-Fi and many power outlets spread all over the place.

Choose weekdays to avoid endless queues. Their week end brunch is really successful.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Offers both English and French menus
  • Quiet all day round, except at lunchtime


  • Latte: €4
  • Breakfast starts at €9


Kozy Kanopé

13. Hélène et Madeleine

📍 36 Rue Saint-Sébastien, 75011 Paris

In this small cafe, pick a seat, choose a fresh or hot drink, pull out your laptop, and start working on your tasks.

The cafe offers free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating options to make you feel like you’re working at home.

It also provides a wide selection of pastries; you’ll be impressed by their quality and deliciousness.

You can work at this place anytime except during lunch hours, from noon until 2:00 p.m.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Has a quiet and warm atmosphere that helps you focus on your work
  • Quick service and superior food quality
  • Back room with a cozy library


  • Latte: €5
  • Desserts start at €2.50


Hélène et Madeleine on Instagram

14. Dose Cafe

📍 73 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris

Dose cafe is a quiet laptop-friendly place with cool vibes. It offers perfectly made coffee and various delectable food options.

The cafe offers free high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi that suits even the most internet-demanding tasks.

However, the number of sockets in the cafe is limited, so make sure to secure a place close to one of them.

The staff will welcome you to work there on weekdays. However, using laptops isn’t allowed in the cafe on weekends because of the high traffic at that time.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Offers terrific pastries and coffee
  • Has various decaffeinated coffee options
  • Gluten-free and vegan options


  • Latte: €4
  • Cake du Jour: €3.5–€4.5

Other locations:

  • 82 Place du Dr Félix Lobligeois, 75017 Paris
  • 96 Rue Ordener, 75018 Paris


Dose Cafe on Instagram

15. Strada Café


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📍 24 Rue Monge, 75005 Paris

Strada café is an adorable and laptop-friendly spot to work on your projects while enjoying perfectly-prepared coffee.

The cafe offers reliable Wi-Fi and power sockets all around the place.

Nonetheless, using a computer in this cafe is only allowed on weekdays. On weekends, you won’t be able to work there due to high traffic.

Why I Like This Place:

  • The atmosphere is cheerful and welcoming
  • They serve great coffee
  • Affordable and delicious brunch


  • Latte: €4.50
  • Breakfast options start at €3.50


Strada café

16. Nuage Café

📍 14 Rue des Carmes, 75005 Paris

Nuage is a coworking cafe that provides various services for different types of remote workers.

It offers small tables for individuals and large tables for groups. They also provide meeting rooms for teams.

You’ll find it easy to focus on your work there as the place is super quiet. Nuage Café provides free Wi-Fi and ample power outlets that cover almost the whole place.

They provide a wide variety of tasty coffee options as well as a diverse food menu. All included in the price.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Has a peaceful and cozy atmosphere
  • The design of the place is so special

Prices (include unlimited beverages and snacks):

  • €6 per hour
  • €21 per half a day
  • €29 a day


NUAGE Café & Coworking

17. HUBSY Arts et Métiers

📍 41 Rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris

HUBSY Arts et Métiers is a coworking cafe that provides an incomparable quiet and comfortable experience for remote workers.

There are a variety of seating options to choose from in the place. You can work at a small table, a side table, or even a couch.

The place offers reliable Wi-Fi and many power sockets.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Offers amazing coffee
  • Has a unique concept

Prices (including unlimited drinks and snacks):

  • The first hour: €6
  • Each additional half-hour: €2.5
  • A whole day: €25


Hubsy café & coworking

18. 10h10 Coworking Café

📍 210 Rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris

The first thing you’ll notice as you enter 10h 10 coworking café is its unique, cool decoration and atypical design. The cafe service is as good as its decoration.

The place is pretty quiet and offers good Wi-Fi and plenty of sockets to charge your devices.

Whenever you feel a bit hungry or crave a snack, you can pick one of their various delectable snacks or beverages.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Fantastic assortment of snacks (cakes, fresh fruits, cookies, candies) and a variety of hot and cold beverages.
  • A spacious place with various seating options

Prices (including Wi-Fi, beverages, and snacks):

  • €6 per hour
  • €27 per day


10h10 Coworking Cafe

19. Unicorners Café


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📍 67 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris

Unicorners is a coworking cafe with a modern cool style. It has Wi-Fi with a speed of around 100 MB, making it perfect for handling almost any online task.

The place offers a wide variety of coffee and food options you can enjoy while working on your projects.

In this place, you can book an individual seat, meeting room, or even multiple rooms depending on your needs.

The cafe is quiet, and you’ll find it easy to immerse yourself in the work without distractions.

Why I Like This Place:

  • The decoration is quite impressive
  • The owner and the staff are friendly
  • The place is quiet


  • €6 per hour
  • €27 per day


Unicorners Café & Coworking

20. Level Coworking Café

📍 11 Rue de L’École Polytechnique, 75005 Paris

Level is a spacious coworking cafe with multiple seating options that suit different preferences.

The place has a pleasant, quiet atmosphere perfect for deep working sessions. It offers superior quality coffee and snacks you can have while working.

The internet speed is pretty good, and the power outlets are everywhere.

Why I Like This Place:

  • Has an extensive beverage menu
  • Nice and helpful staff
  • The student fare

Prices (drinks and snacks included):

  • €6 per hour
  • €27 per day



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