Safe Luggage Storage in Venice (Locations and Prices)

Where Can I Safely Store My Luggage in Venice

After arriving at the floating city, you likely can’t wait to explore every inch of the region. One of the obstacles weighing you down is your luggage and shopping bags.

Luckily, you don’t have to keep your baggage hanging about you. You can safely store your luggage in Venice using various private storage facilities scattered across the city.

From Stow Your Bags to Stasher, you can make use of multiple service locker rooms and storage compartments at budget-friendly prices.

Private Luggage Storage Options in Venice

Check out some of the private luggage storage facilities strewn around Venice.

1) Stow Your Bags

Stow Your Bags is a self-service luggage storage facility.

It has 3 spots in Venice.

You can store the bags in St. Mark’s Square. The stop is a minute from The Doge’s Palace and is open from 8:30 AM to 7 PM.

Prices start at €2.49 per two hours and end at €10.99 per eight hours. Plus, you can book up to five lockers at a time.

You’re insured up to €500 per bag. You can only fit one bag per locker compartment and keep it there for a maximum of eight hours.

The other spots are in Venice St. Lucia’s Train Station and Rialto Bridge. It operates between 7 AM and 11 PM. The Maxi luggage option stores up to four bags, while the standard fits two.

That said, you can keep the bags for up to 15 days, and it’ll cost around €121.49 for the standard package. Meanwhile, the Maxi duration limit stops at 24 hours for €19.49.

2) Bounce

Bounce has one of the most extensive storage locations. You can find options near San Marco, Piazzale Roma, Venezia Mestre, Venice Train Station, and the Venice Marco Polo Airport.

Overall, the company has more than 67 locations in the area.

Price-wise, you can expect to pay €5 per day for every bag.

You’ll want to book online through the app or website, since the store doesn’t accept walk-ins or cash.

The locations are open from 7 AM to 8 PM every day except Friday, which is open from 11:30 AM to 8 PM.

Besides that, Bounce offers up to $10,000 protection from its BounceShield insurance. The best part is that you get a full refund if you cancel before your check-in time.

3) Radical Storage

Radical Storage has over 23 locations stretched across Venice. The storage company has spots in the tourist hot spots, from Piazzale Roma and Cannaregio to San Marco and Rialto.

You can book your space via the website or app. Radical Storage’s rates are €5 daily for every bag.

There are no weight restrictions applied to your baggage.

Now, each spot has varying opening hours. You can find more information when choosing the specified location. For instance, the San Marco location is open from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Other, more popular options, like the Venezia Santa Lucia Station, are open from 7:30 AM to 8 PM. In terms of protection, Radical Storage offers a €3,000 protection plan.

4) Stasher


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Stasher provides over 12 locations in Venice near places like Cannaregio and San Marco.

Each bag costs €5.90 per day.

You can book through the app or website and receive a refund if you cancel the booking before check-in.

The company’s €1,000 protection insurance comes from Guardhog and is liable under Hiscox.

5) Luggage Hero

Luggage Hero offers daily and hourly rates of €0.95 and €7.90, respectively.

Each of the 5 locations has varying opening hours. For example, one of the spots near the Santa Lucia station is open from 7:30 AM to 7 PM, while another operates 24/7.

The downside to this facility is that it has only five locations in Venice, which is relatively little compared to other companies.

Additionally, you’re charged €5 for same-day cancellation per bag.

6) Nannybag

Nannybag has over 10 different locations in Venice. You can find one in hotels like Calle Del Fruttariol and shops like Salizada Del Pignater.

The company provides a fixed rate of €6 per bag for every day.

Opening hours range depending on each spot. For instance, the location at the Santa Croce bookshop opens from 9 AM to 6 PM and is closed on weekends.

For this reason, you’ll want to book earlier to make sure you come during opening hours. That said, the platform is trustworthy, thanks to its 4.6-star review from Trustpilot.

Left-Luggage Storage Options in Venice

Check out other public left-luggage storage options available below.

➡️ Venice Cruise Terminal

The left-luggage storage space is in the San Basilio and Marittima buildings.

The offices are open during cruise departures and arrivals.

➡️ Venice Santa Lucia Railway Station

The storage department is on track 1. Hours are between 6 AM and 11 PM.

The minimum time you can store your luggage is five hours. Each bag will cost €5 per day.

➡️ Venice Marco Polo Airport

The airport’s left-luggage offices are in the arrivals hall. You can locate them close to the post office.

The service operates between 6 AM and 9 PM and will cost €6 for every bag within 24 hours.

➡️ The Golden Luggage

The Golden Luggage is a baggage storage facility about one minute from Piazzale Roma. It’s in front of the water bus and taxi stop.

Its opening hours are from 8:30 AM to 8 PM. Prices vary based on your bag’s size.

If your bag is smaller than 58 cm, you’ll pay €6.

If it’s below 70 cm, it costs €8.

Meanwhile, if it’s larger than 70 cm, it’s worth €10.

Keep in mind that these are daily rates.

➡️ Vaise

Vaise offers a self-service locker room station near Piazzale Roma and Piazza San Marco.

The locker shop is open from 8 AM to 9 PM. You can book online or at the location.

Its hourly rate is €2.90. Meanwhile, the flat rate is €14.50 if you exceed five hours.

One of the perks of using Vaise is that your luggage is insured from damage or theft. Plus, the facility has 24-hour security video surveillance.

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