Becoming a Male Flight Attendant: All You Need to Know

Not too long ago, the Flight Attendant position was only available to women, and single women at that. The parameters of the position were extremely specific and well-enforced.

Thankfully, times have changed, and there is a lot more freedom on who gets to apply for this coveted position. One of those groups being: men.

So, how do you become a male Flight Attendant? I will be giving you all of the details below.

💡 Key Takeaways:

  • Male flight attendants are in demand to increase diversity in a role that was historically only for women. Airlines want their staff to reflect their customer base.
  • The process to become a male flight attendant is the same as for anyone else – submit an application when openings are announced, go through interviews and assessments, complete training if offered a conditional job.
  • Salaries start around $25/hour and increase over time based on seniority.
  • In the US, about 22% of flight attendants were male in 2023, continuing a slow downward trend in recent years.
  • Common stereotypes like all male flight attendants being gay or more likely to cheat are not accurate. Customer preferences between male and female flight attendants are generally neutral.
  • Being a flight attendant enables men to travel the world with a flexible schedule. It can be a rewarding lifetime career but isn’t for everyone.

Why Male Flight Attendants Are in Demand?

Male Flight Attendants are in demand because they offer diversity to a group that was once only females. Over the years, aviation, especially in the United States, has shown that they want their work groups to look like the customers they are going to be taking care of. 

To do this, it is imperative that a diverse group of individuals are given the same opportunities to attain the position of being a Flight Attendant.

How to Become a Male Flight Attendant?

In order to become a Male Flight Attendant, you are going to have to go through the same process as any other individual who is applying to become a Flight Attendant.

  1. Wait for the airline(s) you want to apply to to open up their application process. Many only open their applications once a year, and have a very short window to send in your application.
  2. Apply. Each airline has their own process and you should do your homework to see what that process will be. You should also research what that specific airline is looking for.
  3. Wait for the airline to either say no thank you or let you know the next step in the application process.
  4. Many will send out a questionnaire. This will gauge your personality and what you could possibly bring to the table customer service-wise.
  5. Phone Interview. You will either have a phone interview that is conducted with actual hiring personnel from the airline. Or, they will have pre-recorded questions that will be asked, and your answer will be recorded.
  6. In-person Interview. Many airlines will fly you to their training center for an in-person interview. This could be a multistep process that same day, group interviews/one-on-one interviews/etc.
  7. Drug Screening. Come back, or do the same day, you have the in-person interview. This could include drug screening, paperwork, fingerprints, and much more.
  8. If you are offered a conditional job offer (CJO), the airlines will let you know in one of these last steps of the process, or you could have to wait an undetermined amount of time, in order to find out if you’ve been selected or not.
  9. Get your training dates.
  10. Attend training, where you can be let go. You have to pass their specific training in order to start flying.
  11. Probationary Period. Every airline is different in how long their Flight Attendants are on probation.

Is It Easier for Men to Get Hired as a Flight Attendant?

I would not say that it is easier for men to get hired as Flight Attendant.

Each airline is looking for specific wants/needs. No matter your sex, you are going to be going against some very tough competition.

The role of a Flight Attendant is an extremely coveted position. Airlines get thousands of applications in a matter of minutes, anytime they open their application process.

It is imperative to really showcase what you can bring to the table. Whatever will make you standout, is always a good angle.

Do All Airlines Hire Male Flight Attendants?

Unfortunately, not all airlines hire male Flight Attendants. This is not the case in the United States, where everyone is given an equal opportunity to apply.

If you are looking to get hired at an airline that operates out of the U.S., you will want to look closely at their requirements.

Many airlines in India, the Middle East, and Asia still only allow females to be in this position. Hopefully, that will not always be the case, but until then, there are many airlines who employ both male and female applicants.

What Is the Salary of a Male Flight Attendant?

In the United States male Flight Attendants will make the same as female Flight Attendants. 

You will start at the bottom, like everyone else.

They are on a scale that increases the longer you are with the airline. You will see that many are starting anywhere from 25+ an hour to start.

Your salary will truly depend on how often you fly, which you can manipulate if you pick up more flying. If you fly the minimum you are given, you can look at starting out at less than 30,000$ a year. Again, this can fluctuate, depending on how many hours you are given, and how many hours you end up flying per month.

Statistics: Percentage of Male Flight Attendants in the US

stats male flight attendant

The percentage of male flight attendants in the U.S. has been slowly on the rise, yet it still lags behind female representation.

Interestingly, there’s a striking trend: men show more interest in becoming flight attendants than their current representation in the industry suggests, with a ratio of 1.57 women for every man interested.

This suggests a potential for a future increase in male flight attendants. However, the current reality paints a different picture: in 2024, only 14% of flight attendants are male, compared to 86% of women.

Are Stereotypes Around Male Flight Attendants True?

You will find that there are many stereotypes about Flight Attendants in general, and you will continue to hear about them if you become a Flight Attendant yourself.

As for specific stereotypes about male Flight Attendants, here are a few:

  • All male flight attendants are gay.
    This is definitely not true. There are many male Flight Attendants who are straight males. However, I will say that the vast majority of male Flight Attendants, I’ve personally, come across, are gay.
  • They are cheaters.
    This is a stereotype that all Flight Attendants get, regardless of sex, and this also is not true. As with any other profession, there are going to be those outliers, but the vast majority of Flight Attendants, who are in a committed relationship, are very faithful to their partners.
  • Customers prefer female Flight Attendants.
    The vast majority of customers will not have a preference. As long as you provide the service they are looking for, or accustomed to having, they are perfectly content.
  • Male Flight Attendants are always the lead Flight Attendant.
    Lead Flight Attendants can be either male or female. U.S. Flight Attendants are all given the same opportunities to gain positions, such as being the lead.

How Is the Life of a Male Flight Attendant?

The life of a Male Flight Attendant is wonderful.

They have an amazing career that affords them the opportunity to see the world. This job is truly what you make of it.

Some people find out it isn’t for them, while others make this their lifetime career.

Conclusion: Is Flight Attending a Good Career Option for Men?

Becoming a male Flight Attendant is an excellent career option.

It is a wonderful opportunity to: see the world, have a flexible schedule, get consistent raises yearly, the ability to not have to take your work life home with you, have lots of time off, and much more.

This career might not be for everyone, but for those of us who have chosen this career, it really is something you can only dream of!

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