Best Shoes for Flight Attendants (Airline-Compliant & Comfortable)

shoes for flight attendants

One of the most beautiful things about a flight attending career is that it is not your standard office job.

But it also means that it’s not your standard office job… meaning that we’re on our feet for the majority of the day, working anywhere between 6-12 hours!

So, if there’s one thing that can really make or break our day, it’s our shoes.

Okay, also weather delays, mean passengers, and an airport with no Starbucks, but we’re going to talk about flight attendant shoes!

Specifically, we’ll talk about footwear requirements for flight attendants, the most comfortable and popular brands, and the most appropriate shoes for any given work situation.

Note: My footwear recommendations are unbiased and brand-independent. This article is not sponsored, ensuring you get trustworthy and genuine advice for your flight attendant needs.

For those short on time, here are my top picks:

Most Comfortable Shoes for Flight Attendants

Classic Pumps

Pumps are always a timeless and popular option! Whether you’re preparing for an interview, undergoing training, or managing the demands of everyday work, the right pair of pumps can be both stylish and comfortable. Here are a few of the top choices.

➡️ Clarks – Emily 2 Mabel Mary Jane Pump

These are the epitome of function meets fashion.

  • Pros: The cute, asymmetrical strap that secures the shoes onto the feet. They offer both narrow and wide options.
  • Cons: Not the best quality insole and might need to purchase one separately.

➡️ DREAM PAIRS – Stand All Day Pumps

These are almost too good to be true. I was skeptical when I saw the low price point, but I can personally vouch for these!

  • Pros: Very affordable and comfortable (the name says it all.) They come with a strap or no strap option.
  • Cons: Runs a little big

Comfort Wedges

Wedges are tricky because of the steep incline between the ball of the feet and the heel, but there is hope out there!  Perfect for those who prefer a bit of lift. Here’s the top flight attendant pick for wedges.

➡️ Clarks – Flores Tulip Wedge

  • Pros: Material is quality leather, both comfortable and soft. The style is elegant.
  • Cons: May slip easily off narrow feet.

Top Pick for Mary-Janes

Admittedly, this might not be the best style for the younger, trendier crowd, but for those who are super comfort-focused, here’s a great option.

➡️ Dansko – Fawna 

  • Pros: Great quality material and arch support with a soft footbed.
  • Cons: Higher price point and mixed opinions on the Velcro closure.

Best Overall Loafers

Loafers are another category that are debatably stylish. They seem to make a comeback once in a while in the fashion world, so here is the best loafer for the changing times.

➡️ Easy Spirit – Devitt Loafer

  • Pros: Almost looks like a stylish flat, but with the support and heel of a loafer. Great quality material and odor protection.
  • Cons: The heel runs a little wide and might slip while walking.

Best Flight Attendant Shoes for Wide Feet

Those with wide feet know how miserable life can be without shoes that fit properly! Here are a few shoes that can prevent bunion and overall foot pain.

➡️ Easy Spirit – Caldise Pump Shoes 

  • Pros: Style is classy and elegant. The heel gives a higher look without feeling too high.
  • Cons: Runs large

➡️ Alegria – Sofi Noir 

  • Pros: Lightweight and slip resistant mary-jane shoes. Secure strap.
  • Cons: Pricey and a little chunky

Flight Attendant Top Picks for Boots and Booties

From sleek ankle booties to sophisticated tall boots, our picks combine durability with flair, ensuring you’re ready for takeoff and the daily hustle at 30,000 feet.

➡️ Dr. Scholl’s – Women’s Brilliance Tall Boot

Dr Scholl’s is a well-known orthopedic brand and over the years, have come to be very stylish as well as comfortable.

  • Pros: Warm, supportive, and cushioned.
  • Cons: A little narrow in the shaft. Runs half a size small.

➡️ Baretraps – Stratford Boot

These are a great pick if you’re a fan of riding boots and accents as they sport 2 thin straps with buckles over the top.

  • Pros: Stretchy material in the back to give room for wider calves. Stitched with thread from 100% recycled materials.
  • Cons: Shaft is a little wide for more narrow calves.

➡️ Lifestride – Babe Bootie

These are a trendy, ankle-style boot, almost low enough to be considered a slip-on shoe.

  • Pros: Cute and stylish. Comfortable block heel for support.
  • Cons: Lower ankle line than most booties.

➡️ Naturalizer – Karol Bootie

Naturalizers are a reliable brand, and these booties are very simple and understated.

  • Pros: Comfortable and dressy. True to size.
  • Cons: Soles are a little thin and might need a supplemental insole.

Premium Shoes

Looking to splurge? Here are a few luxury brand shoes that are well worth the money!

➡️ ABEO Horizon Slip-On

ABEO is the epitome of comfort. In-store fittings are available at The Walking Company. This shoe is great, and looks as if a heeled flat and a loafer had a baby.

  • Pros: Built-in orthopedic footbed available for both neutral feet and those who need more metatarsal support. Very comfortable with the benefits of extra heel height.
  • Cons: Not incredibly stylish, but neutral.

➡️ ECCO Dress Classic 35 Pump

ECCO is a popular premium brand among flight attendants. These are uniform compliant across the board while remaining simple and elegant.

  • Pros: Minimalistic and appealing. Lightweight and flexible.
  • Cons: Sizing is a little tricky as reviews claim they run both large and small. Try on multiple sizes to be sure.

Best Flight Attendant Shoes for Men

Men need comfortable and stylish options too! Here are some top picks for our male flighties:

➡️ Deer Stags – Drive Slip-On

The Deer Stags Drive Slip-On is a great option for male flight attendants looking for comfort, style, and practicality when choosing footwear for their long and demanding workdays. Inspired by classic gentlemen’s driving loafers

  • Pros: Comfortable and stylish. Easy on and off. Lightweight.
  • Cons: Provides little arch support.

➡️ Timberland PRO – Men’s Work Shoe 

Timberland is a brand known for its high-quality work shoes, and the Timberland Pro Men’s Work Shoe is no exception. This shoe is made with premium materials and is built to last.

  • Pros: Durable and comfortable. Excellent quality,
  • Cons: Take some time to break in.

➡️ ECCO – Helsinki 2.0 Apron Toe Slip-On

The ECCO Helsinki 2.0 Apron Toe Slip-On is an update on ECCO’s most popular men’s dress casual shoe. It features a premium leather upper, a slip-on design, and ECCO’s signature PHORENE™ molded footbeds for exceptional cushioning and shock absorption.

  • Pros: Comfortable to wear right away, Flexible outsole.
  • Cons: sizing can be unpredictable.

➡️ Hush Puppies – Network Oxford 

The Hush Puppies Network Oxford is a classic shoe made with a breathable leather upper and a cushioned insole, making it perfect for long days on your feet. The Network Oxford also features a lace-up closure for a secure fit.

  • Pros: Good fit and support. Trustable brand.
  • Cons: A bit rigid.

➡️ Cole Haan – Grand Atlantic Oxford

The Cole Haan Men’s Grand Atlantic Oxford is the ideal footwear for male flight attendants, combining style, comfort, durable construction, and effortless convenience. It’s a smart investment for aviation professionals who prioritize comfort, style, and practicality.

  • Pros: Super comfortable and lightweight.
  • Cons: Stain easy.

What Are the Requirements for Flight Attendant Shoes?


Not every airline requires the same shoe styles, but some common dress shoe options could be (and are not limited to) pumps, oxfords, loafers, heeled boots, heeled flats, mary-jane’s, and wedges. 

Certain dress shoe standards may also only apply to skirts and dresses, but allow for the flight attendants to wear all black athletic shoes with shorts or pants. And while some airlines allow short boots, some do not (such a bummer – booties are adorable and so fall-friendly 🍁.)

Heel height

There are also variations in rules among the airlines, such as whether or not the flight attendants can switch to flats during service and how low or high heels can be (i.e. 1-3” requirements.)


Color is also a factor to consider when browsing for new shoes. While the most common color (and safest bet) is black, some airlines allow other colors such as red, brown, and blue to match their uniform pieces.

This can get a little tricky as only very specific shades are acceptable in this situation!

How to Find the Best Flight Attendant Shoes


Make sure the shoes you buy are also wide enough: think, round shape or square shape, not pointy.

Pointy shoes are beautiful, but if you wear them for long, you’ll end up with bunions, hammertoes, and perhaps even deformed feet.

Therefore, when trying on new shoes, always try them both on and stand up and walk around a little to get the feel of them.

Do you feel comfortable?

If they feel tight or stiff, don’t hope that one day they’ll become softer, that never happens. Pick another pair.


Prioritize comfort over style when choosing heels for work. While those sky high, 3” stilettos are absolutely adorable, my feet hurt just thinking about them!

If you’re lucky enough to work for an airline that allows their flight attendants to change into comfortable shoes for service, by all means, show off those sassy heels at the airport.

Otherwise, it’s just not practical for a standard 7-10 hour work day. Not to mention toe, ankle, and knee pain – basically all the kinds of lower body pains!

Good fit

In the short term, a good fit can mean fewer blisters and corns, as well as general comfort throughout the day.

However, just like we want our flight attendant career to be a good long term fit for our lives, we want our shoes to be a good long term fit for our feet!

We’re talking about the future. Bunions, hammertoe, plantar fasciitis, and ingrown toenails (ouch), are all consequences of wearing shoes that are too tight or not shaped properly. Surface space is the key here. Opt for shoes with a block, wedge, or platform heel for maximum comfort.

Skip on the ballet flats and aim for heeled flats with some kind of arch support.


Select shoes made from high-quality materials. Airlines do not generally allow suede as a uniform-compliant shoe material.

Real leather is the safest bet and also going to be the most durable material. It is the most resistant to wear and strain.

However, fellow hippies, if you have an issue with sporting genuine leather, vegan leather is also a viable option.

It is a bit of a trade-off as vegan leather shoes are lightweight and cruelty-free, but also less durable and a little thinner.

Is It Better to Buy Flight Attendant Shoes Online or in Store?

Benefits of Shopping for Flight Attendant Shoes Online

Ah, modern conveniences.

Before, you had to make a trip to the shoe store, get measured, and make social contact with another human in order to make a purchase.

But now you can:

  • explore styles, brands, and sizes beyond what local stores offer
  • easily compare prices and read reviews
  • shop at any time that suits you
  • and benefit from exclusive discounts, promotions, with the added convenience of getting them delivered directly to your doorstep.

However, I would only recommend shopping online when it’s a reputable brand, otherwise, they might fall apart on you pretty fast.

It’s also impossible to tell if the reviews are genuinely real from some of those no-name brands. For example, some reliable brands that you can find on Amazon and have delivered quickly include Clark’s, Naturalizers, DREAM PAIRS, and Aerosoles.

Benefits of Shopping For Flight Attendant Shoes in Store

A huge benefit to shopping in-store (besides getting away from your screen and out for some fresh air), is personalized fittings.

I want to take a moment to highlight The Walking Company as a top pick for personalized comfort.

If you actually go into their store, they will be able to assess what kind of orthopedic insole you need (included with the shoes). If you already have foot issues, they have different types of insoles for each situation.

I was thoroughly impressed with how they had a specific insole for my metatarsalgia or that I even had something called metatarsalgia (don’t worry, it sounds worse than it is.)

Compliance with Airline Uniform Requirements

When in doubt, flight attendants can consult their respective airline’s employee handbook to ensure they are in compliance with uniform requirements.

Still a little fuzzy on the rules or have further questions?

Grab a supervisor and get approval too before making any big purchases. While being a flight attendant is a pretty self-managed job, no one wants to have to jump behind that fake plant at the airport to hide their feet every time a ‘supe’ walks by!

Final Considerations

Hopefully, this is enough information to find that perfect flight attendant shoe. Remember, comfort and function over fashion, but there are still many cute and trendy options out there!

We only get one set of feet, ankles, knees, etc. so it’s essential to take care of them so they can take care of us throughout our very long and happy flight attendant careers!

Safe flying! ✈️

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  1. Not a flight attendand.i use clarks adtiel viola and walk for 8rhs with no problems. Buy leather and not patented as its softer.these are the best shoes i found so far. Lookung for high heels sandals…

  2. I’m not a flight attendant, but rather will be teaching English in Japan next year and knew I needed to find comfortable, low heel shoes. This is very helpful to me as well! Thank you!

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