The 10 Most Iconic Flight Attendant Uniforms of All Time

Flight attendants have long been viewed as glamorous and fashionable and many of our uniforms have been absolutely iconic! Of course it helps that many of them were designed by top fashion designers.

In this uniform appreciation post I wanted to highlight the 10 most iconic flight attendant uniforms of all time. (At least in my opinion).

So let’s dive right into this countdown.

#10: Delta’s Richard Tyler Pink Wrap Dress

Delta’s Richard Tyler Pink Wrap Dress

Delta’s Richard Tyler Pink Wrap Dress

This pink wrap dress is a special addition to Delta’s Richard Tyler collection.

The dress was originally introduced to Delta’s uniform collection in red and black. The pink version debuted in October 2008 in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Even though Delta only allowed flight attendants to wear this dress during breast cancer awareness month it became iconic for a good cause.

Delta has continued to release a pink version of their staple uniform dress but for me this will always be the best one.

#9: Virgin Atlantic’s Vivienne Westwood Collection

Virgin Atlantic’s Vivienne Westwood Collection

Virgin Atlantic has always boasted a flashy red uniform, but they went iconic with their Vivienne Westwood collection. The uniform has a striking silhouette with the slightly peplum blazer to the flowy, asymmetrical red coat.

The best part about the uniform is the fact that Virgin Atlantic made the whole collection completely available to their flight attendants regardless of their gender identity! Meaning crew members can mix-and-match their favorite pieces from the collection.

(At most airlines you have to order from either the men’s or the women’s collection.)

#8: Play Airlines’ Gunni Hilmars and Kolla Collection

Play Airlines’ Gunni Hilmars and Kolla Collection

Play Ariline’s uniform stirred up some controversy in the world of flight attendant fashion when they released their collection of comfortable, sporty uniforms.

Flight attendants wearing trainers instead of heals, gasp!

The uniform is iconic in my opinion because it is bright, fun, and designed around the very physical nature of flight attendants’ jobs.

#7: Lufthansa’s Dirndl Uniform

Lufthansa’s Dirndl Uniform

Worn during Munich’s world-famous Octoberfest, Lufthansa’s Dirndl-style uniform has gone through a number of evolutions, but they’re all iconic in my opinion.

(Am I biased because I live in Munich? Maybe).

Dirndls are more than just beer-maid dresses, they have a long cultural history in parts of southern Germany and Austria. So it is really fun to see Lufthansa express that aspect of German culture in their uniform collections.

#6: Hawaiian Airlines’ 1977 Malia International Collection

This uniform collection had several iconic pieces in it, but the floral jump suit is truly unique among flight attendant uniforms.

I’m not sure how they used the lavatory in that, but it’s gorgeous.

Hawaiian Airlines has never hesitated to embrace colorful references to their beautiful island home in their uniforms. Certainly several of their uniforms could have made this list.

#5: Singapore Airlines’ “Singapore Girl” Uniform

Singapore Airlines’ “Singapore Girl” Uniform

The Singapore Airlines uniform has been the same iconic design since 1972. Parisian designer Pierre Balmain worked with the airline to create a sarong kebaya uniform featuring a traditional Asian Batik (that’s the pattern on the fabric).

The use of four different Batiks identifies the various roles and seniority of the cabin crew members.

As the “longest serving” uniform in the sky, this one had to make the list of most iconic uniforms.

#4: Emirates Uniforms by Simon Jersey

Emirates Uniforms by Simon Jersey

The iconic Emirates uniforms were designed by Simon Jersey who began collaborating with the airline in 2000.

The light-colored uniform with pops of red paired with the iconic scarf and hat will forever be among the most iconic flight attendant uniforms of all times. The design we know today, which first debuted in 2009, has clearly stood the test of time as one of the longest-running uniform collections ever.

#3: American Airlines’ “American Beauty” Uniform

American Airlines’ “American Beauty” Uniform

The iconic 1976 American Airlines’ uniform dubbed “American Beauty” was featured in multiple magazines when it debuted. Flight attendants could choose a red, white, or blue dress which was paired with a red-white-and-blue belt, and white heels.

This uniform still makes the rounds on social media as an iconic example of 60s fashion.

American has twice departed from black high-heels in their uniform standards. When I first joined the airline, we wore red heels with the Cole Haan uniforms that caused quite a scandal!

#2: Southwest’s 1971 Hot-Pants & Go-Go Boots Uniform

Southwest’s 1971 Hot-Pants & Go-Go Boots Uniform

This was actually Southwest’s very first uniform and it is still the only airline I know of that lets its flight attendants wear shorts.

The iconic go-go boots paired with hot pants, a safari jacket, and in some cases a hat, were a marketing feature for Southwest, who’s CEO at the time was using the flight attendant’s sex appeal to sell tickets. A bit creepy but the uniforms are still iconic!

#1: The Pan American 1975 Edith Head Uniform

The Pan American 1975 Edith Head Uniform

Well really all Pan Am uniforms are iconic, but this one is my favorite. The hat, the scarf, the classic blue. It has everything you think of when you picture a flight attendant in your head.

That’s probably why it is also the most emulated flight attendant uniform ever. From Hollywood reproductions for films to current flight attendant uniforms, the Pan Am uniform is the blueprint for classic flight attendant uniforms. And that is why it is at the top of this list.

Final Thoughts

There are so many iconic flight attendant uniforms out there, both vintage and contemporary, it was hard to rank them.

Did we miss any? If it didn’t make the list we’d love to hear your nominee for the most iconic flight attendant uniforms of all time!

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