28 Stores to Buy a Suitcase in Dubai Last Minute (All Budgets)

Stores to Buy a Suitcase in Dubai

Dubai is known worldwide as one of the largest shopping centers there is. As a result, we wouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself with more stuff than your bags can carry by the end of your trip. Therefore, you may be looking for a place to buy extra luggage.

There are many places where you can buy luggage in Dubai. Most of them are located in the Dubai Mall. They include brand shops, such as Samsonite, Rimowa, Tumi, and Bric’s.

Travelers can also fulfill their luggage needs at hypermarkets like Carrefour and LuLu.

Here’s a map where you can find the stores to buy a suitcase in Dubai at the last minute that I list in this article:


1. Samsonite


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Are you looking for a suitcase that’ll solve your immediate problem and also last you for years to come?

Look no further than Samsonite products.

This reputable brand offers durable luggage with prices ranging from 1,150 AED (US $313) to 4,750 AED (US $1,293).

You can find Samsonite stores at the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.


2. Mendoza

If you’re in the market for hard-shell suitcases, Mendoza is an excellent choice.

Not only that, but Mendoza bags’ designs are second to none.

The Mendoza store is at the Financial Center Road, Unit LG – 061.


3. Antler


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Antler offers a wide variety of canvas and hard-shell suitcases. You’ll also find plenty of sizes to choose from.

Additionally, Antler is much more budget-friendly than many stores on this list.

You can find suitcases under 500 AED (US $136) there.

Antler’s Dubai store can be found at the Financial Center Road, Unit LG – 146 – 5.

4. Segue

Segue gives you many brand options when shopping for a suitcase.

As a result, it’s suitable for people on various budgets.

Segue is located at the Financial Center Road, Unit SF – 152.

5. Rimowa


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Whether you’re looking for a suitcase made of leather, polycarbonate, or Aluminum, Rimowa’s got you covered. This luxury brand offers luggage in numerous designs and sizes.

However, the price tag of Rimowa products is quite steep. You can expect to pay a minimum of 2,290 AED (US $623) for a Rimowa suitcase.

Rimowa has stores at Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Mall.


6. Tumi


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If you’re looking to turn heads while carrying your luggage through the airport, then Tumi is the way to go. This upscale brand offers suitcases, carry-on luggage, and also backpacks.

Note that Tumi isn’t the best choice if you’re simply searching for a cheap suitcase to help you in a pinch. This brand’s products start from 2,065 AED (US $562) and can reach over 10,000 AED (US $ 2,722).

Like most stores on this list, you can find Tumi at Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Mall.


7. The Bag House

The Bag House is another great option to explore while at the Dubai Mall.

This luggage store offers products from all sorts of brands, such as Antler, Pierre Cardin, and Verage.

Furthermore, you can find suitable products at The Bag House for every budget.


8. Kamla Trading Company

Kamla Trading Company is your one-stop shop for cheap luggage in Dubai.

You can find suitcases that won’t break the bank and allow you to carry all your stuff back home.

Kamla Trading Company is located at the Karama Market.

9. Bric’s

Bric’s is another excellent choice if you’re looking for a diverse set of luggage types to choose from. The brand’s product portfolio includes impeccably designed trunks, trolleys, and duffle bags.

Like Rimowa and Tumi, Bric’s isn’t for you if you’re looking for a cheap suitcase.

The Bric’s store is in Dubai Festival City Mall.


10. Dragon Mart


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Dragon Mart is arguably the most budget-friendly luggage store on this list. You can find suitcases of all shapes, materials, and sizes there at prices starting as low as 100 AED (US $ 27).

However, you shouldn’t expect the products you buy at Dragon Mart to be high-quality.

Dragon Mart is located on Al Awir Road, just off Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road.


11. Karama Market

Kamla Trading Company isn’t the only place you can buy suitcases at Karama Market.

This shopping complex is a prime destination for cheap bags if you’re simply looking to shore up your luggage space.

12. Jashanmal Around The World

Jashanmal Around The World is a department store specializing in travel gear. The store carries suitcases from various brands, such as Delsey, Echolac, and Wenger.

At this store, you’ll find suitcases starting from 200 AED (US $54) and up to 2,900 AED (US $ 789).

You can find Jashanmal Around The World at Deira City Centre.


13. Al Sayed Luggage Shop

Al Sayed Luggage Shop is a local luggage store that offers travelers cheap suitcase options.

It’s a great destination for those looking for budget-friendly bags.

Al Sayed Luggage Shop is located at 60, 18B Street.

14. Carrefour


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Carrefour is another place to fulfill your last-minute luggage needs. This globally known hypermarket has virtually any product you may need.

You can find suitcases there for as low as 150 AED (US $40).

Carrefour can be found at the Burj View Towers on Dubai Fountain Street, Silverene Towers, and Dubai Festival City Mall.


15. LuLu Hypermarket

Whether it’s generic or brand name suitcases you’re after, you’ll find them at LuLu hypermarket.

This massive department store offers luggage starting at 120 AED (US $32). It also carries products from brands like American Tourister for around 500 AED (US $136).

You can find LuLu stores at 1 Umm Suqeim Street and Al Ain, Dubai Road.


16. The North Face


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The North Face is world-renowned for its outdoor gear. If you’re looking for a large backpack or duffle bag ranging from 200 AED to 400 AED (US $54 to $108), you should check out this brand.

The North Face store is in the Dubai Mall.


17. Lancel


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Lancel is a luxury French brand that offers high-end travel suitcases.

If traveling in style is a priority, Lancel is one way to go for sure.

Lancel is also available at the Dubai Mall.


18. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s is another great option if you’re searching for upscale luggage.

This world-famous store carries duffel bags from designer brands, such as Gucci and Emporio Armani.

You can expect to pay over 1,000 AED (US $272) for sure if you shop for luggage there.

Check out the Bloomingdale’s store at the Dubai Mall.


19. Balmain

Staying with luxury brands, Balmain is another one to consider if that’s what you’re looking for.

If you’re on a budget, you should explore the other stores on this list.

You can find Balmain at Dubai Festival City Mall and the Dubai Mall.


20. Kipling


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The final entry on our list is Kipling.

This mid-range brand offers suitcases and duffle bags at reasonable prices, starting from 240 AED (US $65).

There are Kipling stores at Dubai Festival City Mall and Dubai Mall.


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